Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Eating in the North East - Cake Stories

I think we can all agree that if there is one thing that this world needs more of, it is shops dedicated to selling cakes.

Am I right?

Well, I’m pretty sure Cake Stories Coffee House and Cakery would agree. Since finding out about this lovely little cafĂ© a couple of months ago, I may have found myself stood in there choosing which cupcake to try next, a few too many times to be deemed acceptable.

Tucked away along Brentwood Avenue in Jesmond, this place is any cake lovers idea of heaven. With more choice of cupcakes than any high street coffee chain retailer could ever dream of, you may find yourself trying to choose one for a long time.

What's really special about this family run company, is that there are always different cakes on offer each time you go. What was there one day, could be gone the next - why? Because they bake and decorate the cakes themselves, which I think really makes this lovely little place, authentic and personal.

On my first visit, I decided on a cherry cupcake, which consisted of chocolate sponge, cherry icing and even had a fresh cherry popped on the top. For my second visit (and no, I’m not saying how soon this was after the first.. Hint: not very long), I chose a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, and yes, this was as incredible as it sounds.

All cakes are served on dainty plates, accompanied by a proper dessert fork (no plastic cutlery in sight, unlike some *cough* Starbucks) for those more civilised than myself. 

Straight in with the hands, am I right? There’s no time for messing around when it comes to cake. 

That being said, I do love little touches like this - I think it really makes a place stand out from the crowd and be a little different, and from the crockery to the furniture to the actual food itself, Cake Stories definitely achieves this.

Whether you visit for a catch up with friends or family, or have a date with your laptop and go alone, it's an ideal place to chat, relax and treat yourself to a cake (or two).

On my next visit, I definitely want to try out the savoury menu - the egg and avocado sandwich sounds right up my street!

To find out a little more, or to look at their menu so you can plan your trip, click here.

Remember: life is short, eat the cake... And start with a visit to this place.

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Eating in London #3 | inamo (an interactive restaurant!)


As you may have guessed if you've read my blog for a while now, eating out is one of my favourite things to do. I just love trying new places with friends and eating great food over a catch up with family that I haven't seen in a while. 

I also love reading about places to try out, so when I heard about inamo in Soho, I just knew that I had to try it out, because this place isn't any old restaurant...

...it's an INTERACTIVE restaurant!! 

inamo is an Asian fusion restaurant, with influences from Japanese, Thai and Chinese delacies. From sushi and sashimi, to duck with pancakes, the menu really does reach far and wide, with something for everyone, no matter how picky. The only difference with this menu, is that it doesn't come in paper form. It's digital and it's amazing.

(My sister is a girl after my own heart as you can see, and went straight for the wine menu)
When you sit down, you each have your very own touchpad and cursor to explore the menu with. As you search through the various sections and see something you like the sound of, you simply tap the screen and a photo will appear on your plate. 

If you like the look of it, you click 'order' and a message is *somehow* sent straight to the kitchen. No interaction with a waiter, no waiting for them to come to your table to order, you click what you would like, when you would like it, simple!

If you don't feel like being sociable(!) whilst you're waiting for your food to arrive (which an actual human does bring to your table...) you can play games against the person you're with and watch 'chef cam' as they prepare your food amongst a whole range of other things.

My sister and I decided to share a few dishes between us, as we were only after a light snack and it was just the ideal amount. I ordered the salmon and cucumber hosomaki and my sister decided on chicken satay.

They were both great - the sushi in particular was so good I could've eaten another plate full...and another...but apparently, self control is the new thing to have, sooo...

Oh! How could I forget! If you weren't already happy with the menu and the games and the chef cam, you can even change the print projected onto your table....amazing!

Whether you are after a quick snack, or you're going all out and wanting a proper meal, inamo is a pretty great and fun place to go. With the interactive menu,  the restaurant is an experience in itself although don't fret, the staff members are also super lovely so don't feel put off if you're a technophobe - help will be at hand for all 'food ordering' related emergencies!

I'm now really hungry and I really want sushi.

Have you been here before? Do you like the idea of interactive menus at restaurants?

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Student guide | Household bills

For the majority of students, the second year at university will be the first time that they will ever have had to even think about paying household bills. 

It can be overwhelming, frustrating and all a little much, especially with the lack of information about important things like this at school or sixth form which is frankly, just ridiculous.

Last year, I moved into my house, which I share with 6 other people first, and was living there throughout summer working, as I am this year. This meant that I was given the delightful task of having to sort out our gas, electricity and broadband providers and with zero experience beforehand, it wasn’t easy.

My face all summer was very similar to this:

When you first move into your house (apart from making your room look as fabulous as possible), there are a few things, bills wise, that need sorting.

1. Electricity
2. Gas
3. Broadband
4. Water – From my experience, we just had a letter through the post asking us to pay the yearly bill in 2 installments so I think (although correct me if I’m wrong in the comments ) you can just wait until this arrives at your door. But prepare for it, because unfortunately, it’s not cheap.
5. Television license – Super easy but very important. Don’t risk getting caught and having to pay a huge fine, you might not think you will but it’s just not worth the risk. It’s so simple to do, just head over to the website and it’s pretty straight forward from there.

Here are a few tips on sorting out providers, bills and bank accounts in a student house....

Beware though, and take advice from the gif below before proceeding.

1. DO NOT use a ‘split the bills’ company. There are many companies who will take everything off of your hands, split your bills for you and take the money out of each persons account so you don’t have to do a thing, but what they don’t tell you is how much money they are adding on for themselves. Using a company like this means you will be paying way more for your bills than you actually should be.  The previous tenants to me in the house I live in now used this and they paid about 3 times what we pay a month - insane, and more importantly, valuable pub money down the drain…

2. Set up a separate bank account
Don’t be the person who gets stuck with constantly badgering people for their bill money at the end of each month because even though everyone will agree at the start to always be on time, they wont be. Set up a separate bank account, which each housemate has a standing order paid into for bills each month. So much easier and no one is owed lots of money from previous months.

3. Don’t settle
If you’re moving into a house which already has providers set up, make sure you’re getting the best price. Do a quick google search of ‘compare gas/electricity/broadband prices’ and see if what you’re about to start paying is fair. If not, change supplier.

Tip: EDF Energy are ridiculously easy to change to, and you don’t even have to pick up the phone. Just pop on to their website to chat to an online advisor and you can have a new contract in minutes. They also have really fair prices and even reduce your monthly payments if they find that you aren’t using as much as previously predicted. (And no, I'm not being paid by them to say this)

This google search may leave you making this phone call:

4. Pick the right contract
This is particularly relevant with broadband contracts.

Quality – You might see that super cheap price of £39 a month for broadband, but is that really going to be strong enough if you have a household of more than 4 people who all have phones, laptops etc? Chances are it won’t be and despite it being a first world problem, there really is nothing worse than crappy, slow internet (especially when you’re 3 hours deep in Netflix, sorry, I mean studying…)

Myself and my housemates agreed to pay more so we could always rely on fast broadband. We decided to have the most expensive, but fastest broadband on offer in the country with Virgin Media which is £39 a month but so worth it(plus £5.57 a month each for 7 people isn’t exactly going to break the bank). Even with 150mb internet, it still struggles at times to cope when all 7 people have all their gadgets on the go – so make sure you pick carefully.

Length – Small print is just the worst with anything, but unfortunately, very common. If you have a 12 month contract for your house, make sure you’re entering into a 12 month broad/electricity etc contract. Nothing worse than getting half way through the year to find out you’ve been cut off and need to ring up to renew your contract. Unnecessary hassle which you don’t need to go through, especially if it’s close to exam times.

Feeling like this yet?

5. Splitting the bills
 It seems so simple but if you’ve never done it before or been taught, it can be pretty daunting. Once you have your monthly/quarterly bills all set, individually go through each one and split it between your housemates.

EG – if your electricity bill per month is £30, and you have 6 housemates, divide 30 by 6 which equals £5, and that is what each housemate has to pay. Do this with each bill, then add together what individually, you all need to pay. Set up a standing order and you’re good to go.

6. Prepare for winter
This is both warmth and money wise. You might have been flicking the heating on at home whenever you feel a little chilly, but when you move into your student house and get your first heating bill, you’ll soon change your mind as to how cold you are.

Heating is expensive but don’t make living uncomfortable. Talk to your housemates and if you’re all happy to be a little warmer and pay a little more, have the heating on for a few hours in the morning and night. Either way, invest in a cosy dressing gown, pronto.

My house is somewhat generous with our heating and has it on for 3hrs in the morning and 3hrs at night however this will vary depending on the size of your house and how many people you have living with you. I live in a large 3 storey house therefore it’s hard to heat up having it on any less that what we do, and revision is already painful enough without seeing your breath in your own home as you do so…

7. Don’t panic!
There will be somebody who can help. If you ring up a company, as I did, who were unhelpful and rude, you might feel like you want to just cry, give up and live in a cardboard box next to Tesco but there are people around that can help. It could be your landlord (our is an absolute gem who helped me so much last year when British Gas were just awful), your parents (who are still jumping up and down with excitement that they don’t need to constantly tell you to switch your bedroom light off anymore), and even your university.

People have gone through the exact same thing before so don’t be scared to ask for help/advice.

8. Enjoy!
Living in a house of students is so much fun. Sort the bills out first of course, but then HAVE FUN!!!

Are you still reading? If you got to the end of this mammoth post, WELL DONE. I hope it was helpful and you’re maybe feeling slightly less scared about sorting out bills for the first time. Bored, but less scared.

If you have any other tips for people, please leave them in the comments!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eating in London #2 | Le Pain Quotidien, Covent Garden


On a recent trip to London - where I basically ate all of the food - amongst the busy streets of Covent Garden, I came across this little cafe.

Having arrived at Kings Cross and dropped our bags off at our hotel, we had gotten to 12pm and not eaten a damned thing, which is simply not ok. 

In the mood for brunch, myself and my sister basically ran through the door of this place (we didn't, we don't run, lol) in need of caffeine and eggs and some good quality grub.

Seated immediately, a surprise seeing as London + the weekend = madness, we perused the menu for a long time. If you have read this blog for a while now, you will be very unsurprised to learn that I decided on a latte to start with, but please can you witness the cup that it came in. 

Is it just me that found it so cool it didn't have any handles? Literally the perfect mug to cup both hands around, take a sip of caffeine goodness and slowly but surely, actually feel like a normal, functioning human being. I am being dramatic but seriously, if coffee ever runs out, I am not leaving my house ever again.

After a very long time, which included not being ready for the waiter who came to take our order twice, we finally decided what we wanted...

I decided on the poached eggs with salmon and wheat bread and it was just amazing. The bread was so fresh, the eggs cooked to perfection and the smoked salon was just spot on. Sprinkled with lemon, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect brunch.

Le Pain Quotidien pride themselves on their bread, using only 4 ingredients, including organic stone ground flour and they make it themselves. The cafe's name actually translates as 'the daily bread' and for bread lovers out there (Who doesn't love it? Seriously?) I would definitely recommend visiting solely for the carbs alone, it's worth it.

Le Pain Quotidien's motto is eating simple. No unnecessary ingredients or nasty preservatives, just good, wholesome food. 

Sounds pretty good to me.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

5 UK cities to visit this summer


Many students use their insanely long summer to explore the world however, with plans to go travelling after I've finished university next June for a couple of years, I'm working full time in PR/Media & Comms at Northumbria University, both for experience and for the dollar.

Working full time, my weekends can go one of two ways:
A) Sleeping OR
B) Travelling on a train in the need to see new places and eat good food.

With this in mind, I thought I would put together a list of 5 cities in the UK which are great to visit, relax and explore for a weekend trip.

1. London (so original, I know)
Now I'm not sure you've heard of this place, but there's a city down south called London? Not many people talk about it really, so I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't familiar with it...

London is just great. Perfect for a weekend trip, whether it be to go and watch a show in the West End, shopping in Covent Garden or (if you're brave enough) Oxford Street or even being all cool & hipster and eating incredible food in Shoreditch, you can never ever be bored in London. Ever.

2. Edinburgh
This city has to be up there with one of the prettiest in the UK, right? There aren't many places you can go and visit both the old and new town within a 10 minute walk of each other, with such incredible buildings and scenery, as well as being surrounded by such a strong culture and sense of place, it really is a great city.

3. Newcastle
...And no, not just for the nightlife. Newcastle is known as 'the place to be' if you're planning a wild night out however this city has much more to offer than cheap trebles and the cast of Geordie Shore.

Not only is it steeped in history, with fantastic architecture across the whole city, it also offers amazing places to eat, lovely walks along the Quayside and in Jesmond Dene, as well as shows at the theatre, a number of art galleries if you're feeling all cultural and stuff, plus a whole heap of places to shop.

There is always something going off in Newcastle, and nope, that is not including remnants of clothing belonging to the G-shore cast (ew).

4. York
The ultimate place to be if you're after a cracking afternoon tea. York is the loveliest place to visit, and doesn't feel in the slightest bit like a city, with cobbled streets and little shops to accidentally fall
into and hurt your bank balance. This is the only city on this list that I haven't been to this summer and yep, can you hear that? It's me on speed dial to my sister who lives there inviting myself to stay....

5. Manchester
I often think Manchester is massively underrated. It perhaps isn't the most visually pleasant city you could imagine to visit, and I'm not particularly proving that point wrong by not having a photo of my own to use... But! If you can't get to London (or just don't particularly want to face the crowds), Manchester is so great if you're after amazing shopping and a whole host of places to eat and drink. It has a Selfridges and Burger & Lobster restaurant in set to open imminently, what more do you want....?

Where do you love to visit in the UK? Where are you planning on heading next?

Friday, 17 July 2015

Eating in the NE | Bistro Forty6

There are so many great places to eat in Jesmond, and despite my jeans saying, 'for the love of God, please do not go out for any more food'…

...I went out for more food.

Slowly but surely, I’m making my way through every restaurant in the North East (kind of), and this week was no different with my friend suggesting we head to Bistro Forty 6 to take advantage of their very, very good (almost too good!!) happy hour.

 Happy hour at Bistro Forty 6, which is situated along Brentwood Avenue, is 5-7pm and offers you 1 course for £9.95, 2 courses for £12.50 and 3 courses for £15(plus a free alcoholic or soft drink!).

You know exactly how many courses I ordered (three), and you definitely know what my drink of choice was (wine)….

To begin with, I had mussels with chorizo in a spicy tomato sauce which was just what you would want from a starter – tasty but light, and not too filling that you couldn’t possibly face a main course.

Next up, I decided on the Roast Garlic and Pea risotto, which might sound slightly strange, but it definitely did not taste it. I often find risottos too heavy and rich, and would much rather have a lighter meal eg fish, but this was really lovely, and just the perfect portion size to not send you hurtling into a food coma.

After a 10min break between our main course and dessert, which was spent marveling at how amazing the quality of the food is for such a great price, it was on to the prettiest presentation of Eton Mess I perhaps have ever seen!

The restaurant is a small little place, with room for no more than perhaps 30, and has a sophisticated but personal feel. The staff were really lovely, and had the utmost patience when neither me or my friend could decide what we wanted to order…it all sounded so good, who could blame us!

I couldn’t recommend trying out Bistro Forty6, in particular their happy hour which is just fantastic for the quality of the food.

P.s - On Tuesdays and Thursdays, cocktails are BOGOF, and I really do feel it is my duty to Queen and country to try them out. Watch this space…

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Foodie heaven in Edinburgh

Last week, I headed up to Edinburgh for a solo day trip, hoping to take in the beautiful sights, eat amazing food and obviously, do a spot of shopping.

After possibly definitely making a few purchases in the shops that I apparently just happened to stumble into (ahem), I came across a fantastic little local food and craft market called 'Boxsmall', just a stones throw away from the train station.

The market basically consisted of about 6 or 7 different types of cuisine on side, and craft stalls on the other. All the food was served in a little brown box - so handy and quick – which you could then take away with you, or eat in the garden area they’ve created, with cover from the sun under a huge canopy.

There was so much amazing food but I decided to be little miss boring and had a ‘hot salmon salad’ which really refreshing and light(and also meant I definitely had room for something sweet afterwards too!)

If you are in the area, or heading to Edinburgh sometime soon, I would definitely recommend visiting the Boxsmall market.

It's literally a 30 second walk from the station, and has a bar, with a beer garden for those lovely summer days, with even a great little kids play area section too!

So, this is what my day was like on my solo trip to Edinburgh - want to find yours? Check out their
competition and you could win a 2 night stay and a pair of tickets to get you there!! To enter, visit: http://findyournew.crosscountrytrains.co.uk/

This trip was thanks to CrossCountry trains, who provided both the tickets and the GoPro camera I used to film the video. As always, this is my complete honest opinion and always will be. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Growing up, moving out and going places

Recently, whilst scrolling down my twitter feed and procrastinating on other social media platforms, I’ve seen an increasing amount of people utter the words, ‘I wish I was little again..’ or ‘I want to be a child again’. Now these people aren’t what you may call ‘old’ and not even close to being in the midst of a midlife crisis yet - but instead 20 somethings who are maybe beginning to realise that life isn’t all ice creams, Disney channel and playing Bulldog in the playground(can anyone remember that game – bless us...).

For a split second I went to agree with them, but as I thought about it I realised that actually, I’ve loved ‘growing up’, moving out, going to university, earning my own money etc. I’m not about to do a mystical speech on ‘finding yourself’ because frankly, I think if you're so desperately looking, you’re never going to find it – it will happen in time, without desperate attempts of forcing yourself to become a certain person or change in order to 'fit' into a certain box.

I do think however, that moving out at 18 and going to university in Newcastle, miles away from home, has been the best thing that I could ever have done. I didn’t immediately love university or being away from home. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had one of the most horrendous fresher’s weeks ever but looking back now, I love that I experienced the struggle of adjusting to life outside of my little comfort bubble, especially now, as I can see just how much I’ve grown, changed and developed as my own person.

Now I’m not saying that being a child again would be the worst thing in the entire world and I definitely do not think that at the start of every month when money just cannot wait to fly out of my account for tax, rent and bills.  Playing ‘out’ with friends, watching Tracy Beaker and eating as many Haribo sweets as physically possible without the thought of calories, sugar or weight even entering my head sounds fabulous, but I’ve been there, done that and now I want to experience more.

I think maybe it's the freedom, that I love.

The freedom of being able to do what you want, when you want (I mean, within reason anyway...)

The freedom to not have to answer to anyone, the freedom…wait for it...to do my own food shopping. I’m crazy I know, there’s just no stopping me.

But just having the ability to organise and figure out my own life and direction is such a good feeling. (I mean, it’s a good feeling at times but you know when you have too much time to think and you start thinking about what career path you’re wanting to head down and what you’re actually going to do with your life, but you still don’t know but you’re no longer a teenager anymore and you thought by now everything would be figured out but it’s not…Yeah that, that’s not a good feeling.)


I haven’t come from a horrible home or place – the complete opposite in fact! I love home. Nothing is better than eating a home cooked meal, or getting into a freshly made bed that you haven’t struggled to make up (swearing at a duvet isn’t good for anyone) but I would never have appreciated that as much as I do now, without having to fend for myself and experience these grossly boring tasks.

Of course there are times when I hate not living at home, for selfish and non-selfish reasons…

Coming down to a disgustingly full sink of dirty pots to wash, washing and ironing my own clothes and cleaning mildew off the shower isn’t particularly what I had in mind for living the oh so glamourous independent life.

I do miss having those reassuring natters with my mum or grandma over a cuppa or a laugh with my dad on a daily basis but now, I appreciate the time I do spend with them so much more. Two things that no one should ever take for granted. Family and time.

I’m excited for the future but more importantly, I’m loving the present too. I love living with friends, I love visiting and appreciating family and home. I love working and I’m also feeling really good about where I want this blog to go – I can’t wait to go travelling next year and use this as my little online diary.

No one said growing up is a fairy tale but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Another day, another ramble... Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts – a little change from talking about food!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Eating in London #1 | Burger & Lobster


Last week, I went to London and whilst I was down in the capital, with so many people recommending it, I decided that I just had to take the opportunity to go to Burger & Lobster in Soho.

Burger & Lobster, situated in the heart of Soho, has only two items on the menu. Yep, you guessed it, you can choose from either a burger or a lobster, at a set price of £20. 

I had been told previously, that you aren’t able to book a table at the restaurant. Instead on the night, I was advised to get there quite early and put my name down.

Now, we went on a Sunday evening and therefore were not expecting it to be packed out, so got there around 7:30pm. Yeah, we were wrong. With a queue out of the door, my sister and I were expecting a l-o-n-g wait, however it was nothing a peach bellini couldn't fix, so after putting our name down, off we went.

Despite saying it would perhaps be an hour and a half wait, we got a call after about 50 minutes saying our table was ready, so we speedily downed the rest of our drinks and off we went, as fast our heels could carry us.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a nicer waiter at a restaurant in my life. He was so lovely - cracked a few jokes, took the time to sit down and explain the menu and the food to us(despite the place being so so busy) and was attentive without being over bearing.

With seafood being my favourite food, I had no trouble deciding on getting the lobster, with my sister choosing the opposite. With a chilled glass of rose, the atmosphere was buzzing - the air filled with laughter, chatter and the smell of incredible food.

After only a short wait, our food was served on a silver tray. Each customer is given a plastic bib, which although is perhaps not the most attractive thing you could choose to wear, with the lobster especially, it’s pretty necessary.

The food was incredible. From the lobster itself, to the salad, fries and sauce that accompanied it, I couldn’t have asked for better tasting seafood. Not only was the quality of the food fantastic, but there was so much! In my opinion, it’s 100% worth the money.

My 'I'm about to enter a food coma and will have no regrets' face...
I don’t usually get a dessert at restaurants anymore, however we decided to go wild and order one each, with my sister deciding on the ‘apple and ginger pie’ served in a little pot, and I chose the espresso ice cream, which all coffee lovers would absolutely l-o-v-e.

Despite being so busy, we were not in the slightest bit rushed or ushered out once finishing, being asked if we were happy and wanted anything else - the staff really couldn’t have been better.

If you are wanting something a little different, and heading to Soho, I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A weekend in London...


This weekend, my sister and I took a trip to the capital, for a couple of days of eating, drinking, shopping...and more eating.

We had no plans as such, no show to catch or tourist attraction to see - just a relaxing(well, as relaxing as London can actually be...) trip to basically, do as we please.

Having made a pact to walk everywhere - basically to justify what we were imminently about to eat and drink - we set off from Kings Cross, suitcases in tow to find our hotel. We had booked a room at the London Covent Garden Travelodge, and praise the lord that we decided to pay for an early check in because a suitcase + the streets of London, is not ok. In the slightest. Paying £10 to dump our bags 3 hours earlier was definitely a better bet that trying to weave in and out of 705623 people, especially on a Sunday...

After leaving our bags in the room, which admittedly, was rather snug although exactly what we needed (we weren't exactly planning to stay in the room for that much), we headed to Covent Garden completely ravenous having gotten to 12:30 without eating. I mean, it's just not acceptable at all.

On the way, there was the usual street performers but this one, pictured above, blew.my.mind. Can someone please tell me how this guy isn't touching the floor? Is this humanly possible? I don't understand...



We went to a place in the centre of Covent Garden, called Le Pain Quotidien for brunch and it was exactly what we both had in mind. I chose eggs, salmon and sourdough bread, with a skinny latte to wake me up after an early start. It was so so good, I couldn't recommend it enough and I'll be doing a full review (of all the places we ate) soon.

With full stomachs, we then did the only thing that you should do: shop and drink. My sister convinced me to try on a jumpsuit in H&M that usually, I would never ever have picked up and I'm so glad she did, because I loved it! I also bought a few headbands a la The Little Magpie(get link) because I just love her. Her style is just on.point.

We then headed to Soho and settled down at Cookhouse Joe.

We didn't actually realise it was happy hour...

...but we weren't complaining.

Bellini's all round!

Having gotten to around 5ish, we were a little peckish and knew we wouldn't be eating until late, so decided to take the opportunity to try out Inamo, the restaurant I had heard about with the interactive menu. It was so cool - I can't wait to tell you all about it in my review soon!

After a couple of dishes of sushi and a glass of wine each, we headed back to the Travelodge to get ready. It was a gorgeous day, so I decided to wear the jumpsuit I had bought that day, with a pair of white thick heeled shoes I bought from Office last summer - v weather appropriate.

I'd heard so much about The Burger & Lobster that we just had to go, and despite the 1hr wait, which was helped along by fitting in another sneaky bellini, it was so worth it. The lobster really was incredible.

After a tad a lot more wine, The Breakfast Club was the only answer.

I have no words - always helpful for a blog post, I know - it was worth every single calorie.

But to be honest, the guilt soon subsided as we preceded to walk 9 miles within the day, heading first to Leicester Square, then along to Trafalgar Square...

..which was pretty picturesque in the sunshine...

...and provided the perfect backdrop for a few photos...

We then found ourselves, somehow, back at Covent Garden and were lucky enough to catch these amazing buskers, who even did a little dance as they played!

It was time then, to head to South bank...

...with my idea of heaven below the bridge...

The trek to Borough market...

...was first met with a very large tub of gelato which was pretty fabulous, and just what was needed after a long walk in the sun along the Thames.

With a few hours before we needed to head to the station and very sore feet, the only thing in order was Pimms and watching Wimbledon on the big screen at The Refinery at Bankside Mix.

So there we go, my 36 hours in London! All restaurant reviews will be coming soon but please let me know where your favourite places to visit in London are...

I'm thinking of heading to Shoreditch next, apparently it's *the* place to be for food and drink now, according to a local?

P.s if anyone knows where I can get some new feet, that would be great.

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