Saturday, 18 July 2015

5 UK cities to visit this summer


Many students use their insanely long summer to explore the world however, with plans to go travelling after I've finished university next June for a couple of years, I'm working full time in PR/Media & Comms at Northumbria University, both for experience and for the dollar.

Working full time, my weekends can go one of two ways:
A) Sleeping OR
B) Travelling on a train in the need to see new places and eat good food.

With this in mind, I thought I would put together a list of 5 cities in the UK which are great to visit, relax and explore for a weekend trip.

1. London (so original, I know)
Now I'm not sure you've heard of this place, but there's a city down south called London? Not many people talk about it really, so I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't familiar with it...

London is just great. Perfect for a weekend trip, whether it be to go and watch a show in the West End, shopping in Covent Garden or (if you're brave enough) Oxford Street or even being all cool & hipster and eating incredible food in Shoreditch, you can never ever be bored in London. Ever.

2. Edinburgh
This city has to be up there with one of the prettiest in the UK, right? There aren't many places you can go and visit both the old and new town within a 10 minute walk of each other, with such incredible buildings and scenery, as well as being surrounded by such a strong culture and sense of place, it really is a great city.

3. Newcastle
...And no, not just for the nightlife. Newcastle is known as 'the place to be' if you're planning a wild night out however this city has much more to offer than cheap trebles and the cast of Geordie Shore.

Not only is it steeped in history, with fantastic architecture across the whole city, it also offers amazing places to eat, lovely walks along the Quayside and in Jesmond Dene, as well as shows at the theatre, a number of art galleries if you're feeling all cultural and stuff, plus a whole heap of places to shop.

There is always something going off in Newcastle, and nope, that is not including remnants of clothing belonging to the G-shore cast (ew).

4. York
The ultimate place to be if you're after a cracking afternoon tea. York is the loveliest place to visit, and doesn't feel in the slightest bit like a city, with cobbled streets and little shops to accidentally fall
into and hurt your bank balance. This is the only city on this list that I haven't been to this summer and yep, can you hear that? It's me on speed dial to my sister who lives there inviting myself to stay....

5. Manchester
I often think Manchester is massively underrated. It perhaps isn't the most visually pleasant city you could imagine to visit, and I'm not particularly proving that point wrong by not having a photo of my own to use... But! If you can't get to London (or just don't particularly want to face the crowds), Manchester is so great if you're after amazing shopping and a whole host of places to eat and drink. It has a Selfridges and Burger & Lobster restaurant in set to open imminently, what more do you want....?

Where do you love to visit in the UK? Where are you planning on heading next?


  1. Lovely pictures and all these places are really great. I have been wanting to visit York for a while now - I have heard how beautiful it is there. :)

  2. Lovely! I think I need to visit York for some afternoon tea. I would add Bristol to this list, it's go so much on it's like a smaller, friendlier London!

    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


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