Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A weekend in London...


This weekend, my sister and I took a trip to the capital, for a couple of days of eating, drinking, shopping...and more eating.

We had no plans as such, no show to catch or tourist attraction to see - just a relaxing(well, as relaxing as London can actually be...) trip to basically, do as we please.

Having made a pact to walk everywhere - basically to justify what we were imminently about to eat and drink - we set off from Kings Cross, suitcases in tow to find our hotel. We had booked a room at the London Covent Garden Travelodge, and praise the lord that we decided to pay for an early check in because a suitcase + the streets of London, is not ok. In the slightest. Paying £10 to dump our bags 3 hours earlier was definitely a better bet that trying to weave in and out of 705623 people, especially on a Sunday...

After leaving our bags in the room, which admittedly, was rather snug although exactly what we needed (we weren't exactly planning to stay in the room for that much), we headed to Covent Garden completely ravenous having gotten to 12:30 without eating. I mean, it's just not acceptable at all.

On the way, there was the usual street performers but this one, pictured above, blew.my.mind. Can someone please tell me how this guy isn't touching the floor? Is this humanly possible? I don't understand...



We went to a place in the centre of Covent Garden, called Le Pain Quotidien for brunch and it was exactly what we both had in mind. I chose eggs, salmon and sourdough bread, with a skinny latte to wake me up after an early start. It was so so good, I couldn't recommend it enough and I'll be doing a full review (of all the places we ate) soon.

With full stomachs, we then did the only thing that you should do: shop and drink. My sister convinced me to try on a jumpsuit in H&M that usually, I would never ever have picked up and I'm so glad she did, because I loved it! I also bought a few headbands a la The Little Magpie(get link) because I just love her. Her style is just on.point.

We then headed to Soho and settled down at Cookhouse Joe.

We didn't actually realise it was happy hour...

...but we weren't complaining.

Bellini's all round!

Having gotten to around 5ish, we were a little peckish and knew we wouldn't be eating until late, so decided to take the opportunity to try out Inamo, the restaurant I had heard about with the interactive menu. It was so cool - I can't wait to tell you all about it in my review soon!

After a couple of dishes of sushi and a glass of wine each, we headed back to the Travelodge to get ready. It was a gorgeous day, so I decided to wear the jumpsuit I had bought that day, with a pair of white thick heeled shoes I bought from Office last summer - v weather appropriate.

I'd heard so much about The Burger & Lobster that we just had to go, and despite the 1hr wait, which was helped along by fitting in another sneaky bellini, it was so worth it. The lobster really was incredible.

After a tad a lot more wine, The Breakfast Club was the only answer.

I have no words - always helpful for a blog post, I know - it was worth every single calorie.

But to be honest, the guilt soon subsided as we preceded to walk 9 miles within the day, heading first to Leicester Square, then along to Trafalgar Square...

..which was pretty picturesque in the sunshine...

...and provided the perfect backdrop for a few photos...

We then found ourselves, somehow, back at Covent Garden and were lucky enough to catch these amazing buskers, who even did a little dance as they played!

It was time then, to head to South bank...

...with my idea of heaven below the bridge...

The trek to Borough market...

...was first met with a very large tub of gelato which was pretty fabulous, and just what was needed after a long walk in the sun along the Thames.

With a few hours before we needed to head to the station and very sore feet, the only thing in order was Pimms and watching Wimbledon on the big screen at The Refinery at Bankside Mix.

So there we go, my 36 hours in London! All restaurant reviews will be coming soon but please let me know where your favourite places to visit in London are...

I'm thinking of heading to Shoreditch next, apparently it's *the* place to be for food and drink now, according to a local?

P.s if anyone knows where I can get some new feet, that would be great.



  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend, food, drink, shopping and beautiful locations, what more could you ask for?

  2. I think I take living in London for granted... I need to explore more!
    great pictures

    have you seen my latest post?:)
    Georgia x |Georgia Nicolaou Blog

  3. Thanks for linking to TravelTales - looks like you have a fabulous weekend and packed a lot in. I just LOVE the borough market and really wish we had something of that standard here in the NE. You also cannot beat Covent Garden for people watching can you? xx


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