Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Eating in the NE - Kafeneon

A few weeks ago, the incredibly sassy comedian, Luisa O’Mielan, was at the annual comedy festival in Newcastle, Jesterval and after hearing so much about her (if you haven’t seen her ‘thighs’ sketch that went viral, you absolutely must!), I decided to get my friend and I tickets to go and see her.

Obviously, we just had to go for food beforehand although with it being a Saturday, it’s always a struggle to either A) find somewhere to eat or B) when you do eventually find somewhere, be able to squeeze into the teeny space in the restaurant that there is left. My friend suggested a place called Kafeneon in the city centre, and despite never having heard of it before, I love trying new places so to Kafeneon we went!

A small Greek restaurant, you could be forgiven for walking past without batting an eyelid (like I have a number of times), with the outdoor seating area looking out onto Bigg market. It doesn’t boast incredible furniture or upholstery, but what it does offer in abundance, is incredible Greek food.

So good in fact, that when my mum, grandma and little sister came up for the weekend, I took them there because I just knew they would be as impressed with the food as I was.

One of the main things that I’m astounded by, is the amazingly fair prices for such good quality food. On both occasions, I ordered off a menu offering ‘two courses for £9.50’ and haven’t been in the slightest bit disappointed either time.

Of course, the main menu is extensive, with a wide variety of choice however I think the meals you are able to choose with the offer, are just as good, with something for everyone. Seriously, my sister would win an award for the pickiest eater in the world and even she found something she liked – a serious achievement, believe me.

On my first trip I had pitta bread, with humus and teriyaki sauce, with a beef dish for mains, which was accompanied with rice, pitta bread and a gorgeous Greek salad. Carb overload but worth it, obviously.

For my second trip, I decided the only thing I wasn’t going to change was the wine, and I know I don’t need to explain why, although the cocktail list is incredible – anything you could wish for and more. I was actually planning on having one for dessert but I was so.full. I couldn’t put a one more calorie in my body….until 2 hours later when I demolished a Krispy Kreme – a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, right?

Anyway, second trip. Food. Too many distractions because this place is my new obsession.

I decided on the Greek salad which you might think is a boring choice (who orders salad when they go out to eat? I know) BUT the olives were what dreams are made of. It also came with an abundance of chillies which my 78 year old grandma decided to eat whole. Every single one of them. What a woman, honestly.

For my main dish, I had roasted peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables, accompanied with warm bread and salad. This is my favourite dish that I have tried, to date – so much flavour and apart from the (very nice) bread, so healthy too!

Update: I went again and had the Mezi sharing platter and oh my good lordy lord... The beauty of it!

Kafeneon is a great place to eat for those that are on a budget, although if you’re feeling particularly flush with the dollar, I would recommend giving this place a try.

The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ could not ring truer for this place, as although it may not look like the fanciest restaurant you could try, any qualms about the decor are truly made up by the fantastic Greek food on offer.

Where have you been eating lately?


  1. So glad you've discovered my favourite city centre cafe, it's a gem! Rachel x

    1. Ah it's amazing isn't it! Fab food at a great price - what more could you ask for! x

  2. AH, a fellow NE blogger! I used to love Kafe Neon, but haven't been since I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. I may have to go back sometime and see if they offer anything which I can have, because their food is so tasty.

    Holly x

    1. Yes! Hello! Oh no, that's such a shame - the stuffed peppers were great, you could always send them a tweet and ask! x


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