Saturday, 11 July 2015

Eating in London #1 | Burger & Lobster


Last week, I went to London and whilst I was down in the capital, with so many people recommending it, I decided that I just had to take the opportunity to go to Burger & Lobster in Soho.

Burger & Lobster, situated in the heart of Soho, has only two items on the menu. Yep, you guessed it, you can choose from either a burger or a lobster, at a set price of £20. 

I had been told previously, that you aren’t able to book a table at the restaurant. Instead on the night, I was advised to get there quite early and put my name down.

Now, we went on a Sunday evening and therefore were not expecting it to be packed out, so got there around 7:30pm. Yeah, we were wrong. With a queue out of the door, my sister and I were expecting a l-o-n-g wait, however it was nothing a peach bellini couldn't fix, so after putting our name down, off we went.

Despite saying it would perhaps be an hour and a half wait, we got a call after about 50 minutes saying our table was ready, so we speedily downed the rest of our drinks and off we went, as fast our heels could carry us.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a nicer waiter at a restaurant in my life. He was so lovely - cracked a few jokes, took the time to sit down and explain the menu and the food to us(despite the place being so so busy) and was attentive without being over bearing.

With seafood being my favourite food, I had no trouble deciding on getting the lobster, with my sister choosing the opposite. With a chilled glass of rose, the atmosphere was buzzing - the air filled with laughter, chatter and the smell of incredible food.

After only a short wait, our food was served on a silver tray. Each customer is given a plastic bib, which although is perhaps not the most attractive thing you could choose to wear, with the lobster especially, it’s pretty necessary.

The food was incredible. From the lobster itself, to the salad, fries and sauce that accompanied it, I couldn’t have asked for better tasting seafood. Not only was the quality of the food fantastic, but there was so much! In my opinion, it’s 100% worth the money.

My 'I'm about to enter a food coma and will have no regrets' face...
I don’t usually get a dessert at restaurants anymore, however we decided to go wild and order one each, with my sister deciding on the ‘apple and ginger pie’ served in a little pot, and I chose the espresso ice cream, which all coffee lovers would absolutely l-o-v-e.

Despite being so busy, we were not in the slightest bit rushed or ushered out once finishing, being asked if we were happy and wanted anything else - the staff really couldn’t have been better.

If you are wanting something a little different, and heading to Soho, I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

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