Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eating in London #2 | Le Pain Quotidien, Covent Garden


On a recent trip to London - where I basically ate all of the food - amongst the busy streets of Covent Garden, I came across this little cafe.

Having arrived at Kings Cross and dropped our bags off at our hotel, we had gotten to 12pm and not eaten a damned thing, which is simply not ok. 

In the mood for brunch, myself and my sister basically ran through the door of this place (we didn't, we don't run, lol) in need of caffeine and eggs and some good quality grub.

Seated immediately, a surprise seeing as London + the weekend = madness, we perused the menu for a long time. If you have read this blog for a while now, you will be very unsurprised to learn that I decided on a latte to start with, but please can you witness the cup that it came in. 

Is it just me that found it so cool it didn't have any handles? Literally the perfect mug to cup both hands around, take a sip of caffeine goodness and slowly but surely, actually feel like a normal, functioning human being. I am being dramatic but seriously, if coffee ever runs out, I am not leaving my house ever again.

After a very long time, which included not being ready for the waiter who came to take our order twice, we finally decided what we wanted...

I decided on the poached eggs with salmon and wheat bread and it was just amazing. The bread was so fresh, the eggs cooked to perfection and the smoked salon was just spot on. Sprinkled with lemon, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect brunch.

Le Pain Quotidien pride themselves on their bread, using only 4 ingredients, including organic stone ground flour and they make it themselves. The cafe's name actually translates as 'the daily bread' and for bread lovers out there (Who doesn't love it? Seriously?) I would definitely recommend visiting solely for the carbs alone, it's worth it.

Le Pain Quotidien's motto is eating simple. No unnecessary ingredients or nasty preservatives, just good, wholesome food. 

Sounds pretty good to me.


  1. I know there are quite a few of them here in London now, but I still love going there. Love their pastries.

    1. I want one to come up North! I loved it so much - must go back and try their pastries, what a shame.... xx

  2. I've never had brunch here - but it looks fabulous! Thanks for the tip and for linking up!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  3. Ohh looks good! I've been for dinner, I need to go again and try the breakfast as I looove salmon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

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