Sunday, 2 August 2015

10 reasons to fall in love with Barbados

You know when you're sat at your desk, whether it be at school or in the office, looking out at those miserable grey skies, dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand, the sun beating down on your sun kissed body...

...there aren't many people who wouldn't want that beach to be Barbados.

I have been lucky enough to have visited the island quite a few times in my life - unbelievably, my granddad has actually been over 50 times! Very much a creature of habit...

It truly is paradise, and by far the best country I have ever visited so today, I thought I would share with you my 10 reasons why I am so madly deeply in love with this Caribbean island.

1. Sun
One of my absolute favourite parts about travelling to a hot country, is that moment when you step off the plane, to be hit by a wave of heat. After months of cold, dreary English weather, there isn't a much better feeling. The heat is very thick in Barbados but it's also a pretty breezy island, therefore just as it's starting to become a tad too uncomfortable, you're met with a refreshing breeze - what could be better?

2. Beaches
This is very self explanatory. I mean just look, pure perfection.

My tennis skills on the other hand, are the furthest from perfection you might ever see.....

3. Sea
You simply cannot get a clearer, more piercing blue sea anywhere else in the world than in  Barbados. As you walk in to the ocean, not only is it like stepping into a bath with how warm it is, but you can also see every single thing on the sea floor, including the little fish that swim around your feet. Just amazing.

4. People
Bajan people are perhaps some of the friendliest people you could ever meet. Always up for a laugh and a joke, plus, they have the best accent in the whole world. I love it.

5. Food
From flying fish to macaroni cheese to chicken and rice, yep, it's good. Real good.

6. Fun
In between relaxing with your book on a sun lounger or drinking all of the cocktails, there are so many fun activities to be doing. From boogie boarding and snorkelling, to going out on a catamaran for the day, there's never ever a dull moment.

7. Culture
As I mentioned before, Bajans are just the friendliest people. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, the atmosphere is always so happy and laid-back, with people always up for a good time.

8. Rum
No matter what time of the day it is, you will always be offered a rum punch. I don't know about you but that's the kind of place I want to be!

9. Flights
I know some people hate flying but I actually find a really exciting part of the holiday, particularly long haul flights. Food, drink and a whole host of films and TV shows to pass the time, perfect.

10. That feeling
That completely relaxed, zen feeling of being on holiday on an island as perfect as this. You just cannot beat it.

I'm now looking at flights.

I can no longer cope with looking at these photos whilst it's raining outside.

What is your idea of paradise? Let me know!

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