Monday, 10 August 2015

A sunny weekend in... Nottinghamshire

They say you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone, and growing up in Nottinghamshire, I definitely wasn’t grateful enough about how lovely my surroundings truly were.

Obviously, I love Newcastle and am one of the city’s biggest fans, but I do look forward to my trips back home, for the peace and tranquility of the countryside, as well as seeing family of course.

It was a flying visit this weekend which was, of course filled with lots of food and drink but not before I saw England regain The Ashes at Trent Bridge in Nottingham on Saturday morning. It was an incredible atmosphere and something that I will definitely remember for a long time – the cheers of the crowd, along with the long and echoing applause gave me goose bumps.

Cheers to an England victory!
With England winning in less than an hour, and the celebrations over by 1pm, we decided to make the most of what was a gorgeous day and head for some lunch and a couple of victory drinks.

My dad and step mum had a place in Gunthorpe in mind, which is just outside of the city of Nottingham and situated along the River Trent.

Looking out over the water, it was pretty ideal but it was to be short-lived unless some sort of food was consumed pretty quickly...

I chose the smoked haddock fishcakes with curried coleslaw and mango chutney as a starter which was delicious and served so well. For my main course, I had a salmon fillet with new potatoes, watercress accompanied in a horseradish cream.

Can you tell I was trying my best to balance out the prosecco by ordering healthy(ish)meals? I’m so not ‘beach body ready’ for Nice on Thursday…

The taste, as well as the presentation of the food, could not be faulted and with the sun shining, it was hard to imagine a nicer place to spend a chilled out Saturday afternoon (apart from a beach in Hawaii, but this was a lot kinder on the bank balance…)

Full to the brim, we decided to take a walk down the Gunthorpe Lock Marina…

 …and somehow, an ice cream just happened to fall into my hand – what a shame!

After a very chilled out Saturday, it was BBQ time with the family on Sunday. The sun was shining (2 days in a row, the weather gods are truly spoiling us), the food was sizzling 78 year old grandma was attempting to go canoeing in an inflatable boat.

Don't worry, no grandma's were harmed in the making of this blog post - she was 'banned' from actually doing it because, in her words in a comment on Facebook last night 'possibly the rum and champagne consumed gave me too much misplaced confidence'.

She won't be stopped though, commenting further saying ' I promise to try again though, possibly on my 80th'.

What. A. Woman.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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