Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Day trip to Edinburgh

Another day, another UK city... Living up in Newcastle for almost two years now, it really is quite ridiculous that I have only been to Edinburgh once on a University field trip, so I decided to put it right, and take a trip up there.

I was excited to spend the day in the capital city of Scotland, being the cringiest tourist known to man. I can't even tell you how close I was to buying a kilt, seriously.

Travelling up from Newcastle with CrossCountry trains, I couldn't help but stop off at UGOT before I left - is there anything better than amazing but guilt free food? No there is not. 

I picked up a smoothie and porridge (highly recommend) before heading off and despite being on the pricey side, I love UGOT's food and really think it's worth spending a little more to get that quality (and healthy) grab and go food.

Travelling first class makes me feel like the sassiest human being, so the journey to and from Edinburgh made my day even better! Hot/cold drinks on tap, breakfast and free wifi, never mind the extra leg space - what more could I ask for from a train service? (From life, I would like to ask for Kendall Jenner's figure, to win the lottery and to live on a Caribbean island, just let me know when that's all sorted, thanks)

Upon arriving, I didn't really know where I was heading, but with time not an issue and no one with me to guide me in a direction of any sort, I decided to just go with the flow and see where the day would take me.

And as I walked round, there were some pretty fabulous views... there a more picturesque city in the UK? It would be pretty hard to beat, especially on a gorgeous day like this...

I found myself heading past the Art Gallery, and towards the Old Town, where I knew I would find Edinburgh Castle... I'm not going to even mention the steps or the hills, nope, but what I will say, is that it was not my favourite part of the day and we do not have a favourable relationship........

I'm not sure why, although knowing me it will probably be because of a huge event that I should definitely already know about, but as I came closer to the castle, there was what looked like sporting arena seating at both sides of the entrance? It kind of ruined the views a tad, and the allusion of the mystical castle was shattered somewhat, but still looked amazing all the same.

I then headed down the (very busy) main street of the Old Town, and tried not to get crushed whilst doing so by a lot of tourists. I never thought it would be so busy, but then again, I always forget,  in the midst of constantly trying to escape the place to somewhere more exotic, that people actually fly to the UK for a holiday!

Joining in with the spirit of things, I grabbed my own tourist hat, put it firmly on my head and went on a city sightseeing tour which meant I got to see all the infamous landmarks, and my feet didn't have to do any of the hard yards - I really am lazy, I know...

I filmed a lot of the tour on my GoPro, so scroll down to the bottom for a virtual tour of Edinburgh, if you wish!

After the tour ended, I decided some shopping was in order and oops, I happened to just fall into Oliver Bonas....

All the colours! So pretty!

As I continued down the street, after restraining myself and not buying a single thing from Oliver Bonas(I know, it took some serious strength), I came across 'the cocktail garden'.

If ever there was a garden that I wouldn't mind working on, this would be it...

The only issue is that I definitely 100% would not have the patience to grow the plants - I'd get halfway through planting one and then suddenly find myself in Revs...

After possibly definitely making a few purchases in H&M, I found such a great local food and craft market called 'Boxsmall' - despite being boring healthy and choosing a hot salmon salad, it was so good and made even better by the fact it was local food. (I did a whole post on this market recently, so obviously, you should already know all about it....right?)

If you are in the area, or heading to Edinburgh sometime soon, I would definitely recommend visiting this little market - it's a lovely little touch to the city.

So, this is what my day was like on my solo trip to Edinburgh - want to find yours? Check out their
competition and you could win a 2 night stay and a pair of tickets to get you there!! To enter, visit:

Hope you enjoyed the video - something a little different but I actually really enjoyed making it - let's pray my editing skills get better in the future!

This trip was thanks to CrossCountry trains, who provided both the tickets and the GoPro camera I used to film the video. As always, this is my complete honest opinion and always will be. 


  1. Great pictures! Edinburgh looks like such an amazing place to visit - I would definitely like to go there someday. :)

  2. I love Edinburgh but haven't been there for a few years apart from the odd trip to IKEA which is in the outskirts of the city. The Military Tattoo is what the seats were for :) it's usually televised as well but maybe only in Scotland. Thanks for reminding me what a nice city it is & I will have to make a visit there when I've got a chance. xx

  3. Great post! Edinburgh looks beautiful in your photos and you sound very restrained not going on a total all-out shopping splurge. Will enter the comp for my own chance to visit now!

  4. Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and it's only a couple of hours from Newcastle. Love the little market - going to look out for it on our next trip! #traveltales


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