Friday, 28 August 2015

Disappointment with Monaco...

On a recent trip along the French Riviera, we had plans to visit a number of places, one of which was Monaco. Having seen and heard such amazing things, from the Grand Prix to the experience of gambling at one of the best casinos in the world, my friend and I were so excited to see it all for ourselves, to take in the glamour and the beauty of one of the richest places on the planet.

On arriving, we kind of took a wrong turn, and then another, and then what do you know, we got a little lost. After wandering around for a while though, we made it onto the harbour and…

…it was awful.

It felt cheap and it looked tacky and you know what, it made me feel actually quite sad that someone somewhere in Monaco thought that this was what tourists wanted. Cheap fairground rides and a few trampolines thrown in for good measure. I bet a huge, huge proportion of the people that go to visit Monaco would be happy to see a harbour filled with nothing but open space, space to stand or sit or do whatever you like, space to look out at the ocean, to marvel at the incredible yachts that are proudly stationed along the ocean front.

Are people really coming to Monaco to get their hook a duck fix? I really don’t think they are, so why is it there? I don’t understand.

After feeling a little underwhelmed at the sight of the harbour, we decided to make our way up to the infamous casino. Walking up the main street, with views of the ocean to the side of me, I was excited to see this grand attraction that I’d heard so much about. I’d been told that no matter what the cost of the drinks ‘sit in a nearby bar and marvel at the cars driving past and the people walking around’ because apparently it’s ‘a completely different world.’

Is it?

Admittedly, there were some pretty snazzy cars parked up as we turned the corner into the square(not a patch on what we saw in Cannes), but it was slightly bizarre to see people literally lying over the vehicles as someone took a photo of them. Amidst the selfie sticks and the cameras, the awe of other people’s wealth just didn’t quite sit right with me.

Some may say it’s merely because I’m jealous that I’m not stinking rich and let’s not lie to ourselves, would any of us really say no to a few million ££s being dropped into our bank account (answer:no), but I really wasn’t. The fancy cars and the drivers waiting out front, the strict dress code for the casino or the people clamouring to get a photo of the best looking car whilst almost getting run over in the process, it just did absolutely nothing for me.

Actually, I couldn’t help but feel completely and utterly disappointed. I know you should give places a second chance but I can’t see myself ever going back. I didn't even stick around for a drink, I mean seriously, that's saying something.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to some pretty amazing places so far in my life, and I’ve loved them all so I’m almost glad in fact, that I’ve had an experience of going somewhere people love to go too, and not liking it in the slightest. There’s a pressure now to travel and to love everywhere you go too but I’m glad that before I go travelling for a year next July, I’ve realised that you won’t love everywhere, and that’s okay.

There are places which some people will love and that very same place, people will just hate.

Monaco just wasn’t the place for me.

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  1. I had the same experience! I really feel like it was hyped a little too much ...


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