Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Eating in London #4 | The Refinery, London

On a recent trip to London, my sister and I decided two things:

1) We would walk everywhere to counteract the amount of food we were going to eat
2) We would eat our way around London

I am proud to say, that we kept to our word - we did not use one form of public transport, and we did eat our way round the capital.

After a long, long, long walk from Soho to Borough Market with suitcases in tow, we were about as a ready for a drink as a man lost in the desert.

With tired feet and an aching arm from a suitcase in which I wore precisely 1% of the things I had packed, we both pretty much collapsed into The Refinery, Bankside.

After ordering a glass of Pimms each, along with a Mediterranean pitta bread platter and sweet potato fries, we began to feel like normal functioning human beings again. What I did love about the menu was that it focuses on organic and local ingredients which usually means good quality, flavoursome foods.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this flower pot full of fries is?

Despite it being a Monday afternoon, I was pretty surprised at how quiet the place was although with the amount of staff there was, I'm guessing it gets pretty lively when y'know, people have finished earning a living for the day.

The decor is really lovely, with formal and informal spaces making it a great place to catch up with friends but also to organise parties with family and dinner with work.

I always think that you can tell how nice a place is by the style of the bathrooms (Is that just me? Am I weird?) and The Refinery's were pretty impressive.

The green tiled walls were somewhat striking,  and witth a gorgeous seating area to reapply your lippy as well as cocktail recipes printed onto the black framed mirrors, it felt very luxurious.

Are we all in agreement that this quote is something we should all live by? I hope so...

A relaxed bar and restaurant which was an ideal place for us to chill and chat over a few nibbles and a couple of drinks before heading to the station to catch our train home - would definitely recommend it if you are heading to South Bank any time soon...

Want to chat? Let's get social...

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