Monday, 3 August 2015

Eating in the North East - Allard's Lounge, Gosforth

Recently, my dad and step mum came up to Newcastle to visit; a weekend of catching up over great food and one too many drinks.

I find that since I have moved away from home, I appreciate the time I spend with family so much more and these past few days have been no different. 

Wanting to show off the fantastic city of Newcastle, I had an itinerary of restaurants and bars I wanted to take them too, which probably comes as no surprise to any of you...

After a couple of drinks in 97 & Social in Jesmond, we headed to Allard's Lounge in Gosforth, which was formerly known as San Lorenzo. 

After gorging ourselves in Scalinis the previous night, and enjoying an amazing lunch at Jesmond Dene Hotel earlier in the day, none of us were super hungry and so decided to all pick from the tapas menu and share a few dishes between us...

...and if we do say so ourselves, it was a pretty fabulous choice by the three of us because holy moly, this tapas was good.

A 'few dishes' actually turned into 5 different tapas dishes alongside a salmon and strawberry salad, which may sound like a weird combination, but it was so tasty and I'll definitely be trying to recreate it soon!

Whilst chatting away about all kinds of different things, including where I'm planning to go travelling next year (which I'm so so excited to tell you all about soon), we made our way through the dishes.

Funny how we'd said we weren't particularly hungry beforehand - that kiiind of changed once the food arrived...

We each chose 2 dishes, with my favourites being the breaded calamari and olives, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes.

....the King Prawns were very tasty too, and had a real kick to them!

Of course, no meal is complete without a dessert (we still weren't hungry of course...) and despite not actually ordering one myself, this berry cheesecake basically called my name and was begging to be eaten... really, I had no choice but to share it, did I?

I'm actually not the biggest cheesecake fan but oh my goodness, this one has definitely converted me...., it was National Cheesecake Day the day before, so it was my duty to honour this prestigious day. I know, I'm such a trooper.

I wasn't expecting Allard's Lounge to be nearly as good as it turned out to be, but I'm so pleased I was so pleasantly surprised. Fair prices, great quality food and the friendliest staff you could wish for, it really was a great night.

Have you visited here before? And more importantly, how did you celebrate National Cheesecake Day?

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  1. Mmm, those dishes look yummy, maybe I should go out in Gosforth more often! I visited 97 & Social for the first time recently and will be blogging about about it in the next few days, it's a great place for early evening drinks! x

    1. I know - I've never really been out before in Gosforth and suddenly, I've been twice in a week! Went to Adrianos too - was really amazing, definitely recommend it.
      Looking forward to reading your post about 97 & Social xx


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