Saturday, 8 August 2015

Eating in the North East - Fat Hippo

If you’re a human being and live in Jesmond, you will have most certainly visited Fat Hippo.

You haven’t?

One question: why?

Not actually being the biggest fan of burgers, when I first heard about Fat Hippo I wasn’t really that fussed about going, however after hearing so many rave reviews I decided it was only right that I give them a chance.

Oh lordy lord.

I’m glad I did.

Located on the corner of St George’s Terrance, opposite Starbucks and a few others retailers, you could be forgiven for mistaking Fat Hippo for a house.

The phrase ‘size doesn’t matter’ definitely applies to this restaurant though, small and cosy, it’s definitely best to book beforehand, particularly if there’s a group of you.

With a pretty extensive choice on the menu, you can choose from chicken, beef or veggie burgers – good luck trying to choose!

The first time I visited, I had the ‘Italian job’ chicken burger due to a recommendation from a friend but if I’m totally honest, it didn’t really set my world alight. The second time though, I made a very, very good choice, and decided to try the ‘Gastro’ beef burger, which is described as ‘2 4oz patties, topped with parma ham, rocket and pesto mayo’. I’m not kidding; it was definitely in my top 3 burgers I’ve ever tried in my life. (Also in my top 3, somewhat surprisingly is the pulled pork burger from City Tavern opposite Primark in the city centre – seriously, try it!) 

Despite my burger being so so good, I still managed to get serious food envy when my friend’s order arrived. The actual ‘Fat Hippo’ burger is stacked high with cheese, bacon, chorizo, onion rings and of course, beef – basically, all the good stuff. 

Another thing I really love about The Fat Hippo, is the fries. You can go all original and get normal ones, but their sweet potatoes fries are like little orange slices of heaven. Salty orange pieces of heaven - what more could you want really?

The prices are, in my opinion, fair for the quality of the food, even for students. Even the little touches such as the windows decorated with fairy lights, and the quirky light decorations, just make it that bit nicer. 

I now need a burger.


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  1. I now need a burger LOL. This place looks delicious! If I ever come to the North East I am checking this place out!

    Georgia x | GeorgiaNicolaou Blog

  2. I went to Fat Hippo for the first time last Wednesday but the one in town (in Newcastle). I really liked it I got a chicken burger but oh my the sweet potato fries were heaven!

    Katie | Katies World of Beauty

    1. Aren't they just! I think I would go just for the sweet potato fries alone! xx

    2. Go to iceland and buy a bag then. Save yourself 12 quid.

  3. Is this a joke?!? Top 3 burgers I've eaten in my life. That's like like saying top 3 scratches ever, top 3 glasses of milk or perhaps the top 3 bags of plain flour I've sniffed in my life. Get a grip.


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