Monday, 17 August 2015

Eating in the North East | Jesmond Dene House

Recently, my dad and step mum came up to Newcastle to visit for the weekend and with all 3 of us sharing a rather large love of good food, I decided to take them to one of the nicest places in Newcastle, Jesmond Dene House.

After a walk through Jesmond Dene on a lovely relaxing Saturday morning, we were all ready for a very large drink. We had actually walked for much longer than we previously thought so what a crying shame that we just had to order some food…

After being seated in the outdoor garden area, we were actually waiting for a fairly long time to even be served drinks and to be honest, it wasn’t really very busy. However, once the waiter did come to our table, he apologised profusely and for the rest of our time there, the service from all of the staff was faultless.

Having possibly consumed one too many glasses of wine the night before, a salad just wasn’t going to cut it. I needed some carbs and I needed them quickly. Whilst my step mum ordered the most beautiful salad, I decided on the ‘Northern Sea battered cod in a tartar sauce on sourdough bread and fries’ so in other words…a battered fish sandwich and chips.

This could possibly be the least ‘me’ meal I have ever ordered but there are times in your life when eating healthily just isn’t on the cards, and this was one of those times.

Little did I know, my carb dreams would come true quicker than I thought, as a wooden box filled parcels of joy and happiness arrived – bread! Yay! In the words of M&S, this was not just any bread, this was warm mozzarella and tomato bread (and brown and white, but doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it).

Now of course, the food at Jesmond Dene House is known as being of the best quality, so when my food arrived, I wasn’t surprised at just how good the taste and flavour of the fish was – it really was lovely.

After possibly ordering one too many bowls of chips, it’s safe to say there was no room for dessert – we were all suitably stuffed. Lucky enough to catch one of the rare days of nice weather in the North East, we sat back and relaxed, taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Set in such an idyllic place, it’s hard to believe you’re just a 5 minute car ride from the city centre – we really are very lucky in Newcastle to be so close to places of such peace and tranquility, as well as the vibrancy and energy of the city centre.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, or wanting somewhere fancy to celebrate an upcoming birthday or event, Jesmond Dene House is definitely a great option.

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