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Where to Eat in Nice

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I currently have the post holiday blues.

A few days ago, I flew back from Nice in the South of France after a 5 day trip with my friend, Rosie.  I plan on writing a few different posts on the trip, including where we stayed, what we got up to in Nice, as well as our day trips to Monaco and Cannes. I knew that Nice would be lovely, but I never thought that I would love it as much as I did - I would recommend it to anyone of any age and would definitely go back again.

The first post of my Nice series is about where to eat in the city, because I have my priorities right, and food always comes first. Always.


This was my favourite place that we ate at of our whole trip. Oliviera is a small restaurant in the old town of Nice run by a lovely man and his wife, who use a huge variety of quality olive oil in their meals. Now, you may be thinking 'how good can that really make a meal?' but honestly, I have never tasted such fresh and flavoursome olive oil in my life.

All of the options on the menu are quite simple, with each dish then complimented with a handpicked olive oil as it served to you. Both myself and Rosie chose the vegetarian lasagne, which, after two oils were sprinkled over the top, was simply amazing.

It's not just the food though that makes this place so great, it's the whole dining experience. The restaurant only has two sittings - one at lunch (which we did) and one in the evening. This is due to the importance the owner places on his customers enjoying and relaxing their time at Le Oliviera and at no point does he want anyone to rush, or feel rushed. He is a lovely, lovely man and comes round each table to give an exact run down of the menu, including all the fresh and local ingredients the dishes are made with. 

We spent just under 3 hours at this restaurant and it was really, really great. The prices are very fair for the quality of the food you are getting, including so much bread and olive oil before and after your meal, you will definitely not wanting to be hitting the beach in your bikini afterwards. 

You will need to book this in advance though, as due to being very popular and only doing two sittings a day, the restaurants gets fully booked very easily. 

La Voglia

Nice can be pretty expensive, although I definitely think you could travel here on a budget if you wished to do so. After a rather luxurious and pricey first few days, finding this place along with the huge queue outside, was a blessing in disguise.

The portions at this restaurant were just insane - the photo doesn't do it justice in the slightest. We actually ended up eating here twice because it was just so so good, and the lasagne that Rosie got could easily have fed 3 people and that isn't an exaggeration. The quantity though, did not affect the quality and everywhere you turned, were incredible looking meals.

It was like stepping into food heaven.

There were constantly people queuing up to this restaurant even until as late at 10:30/11pm, which is a good sign in itself and although the service wasn't super speedy, it wasn't at all bad and hey, you're on holiday, who wants to be rushed through their meal and then leave? Not me.

For two very large meals, and two glasses of wine each, the bill came to €40 exactly, which is about £28.50 - you really cannot complain. Whether it be pizza, pasta, seafood or salads, it has a lot of choice so if you're searching for somewhere that won't hurt your bank balance, this is it.

Le Frog

On our first night, we were feeling very adventurous and decided to try both snails and frogs legs at a small but very well known restaurant in the old town, Le Frog. Neither of us knew what to expect but I was actually very pleasantly surprised! Frogs legs basically taste like very tender chicken and are delicious and the snails... Well, I would order them again but they are...interesting. As you scoop it out of the shell, it shoots out so quickly you can't help but think of seeing a live snail but if you can get over that, they are, albeit very chewy, served in a really tasty garlic sauce. When you're in France and all that...

Some of the other dishes on the menu looked amazing, in particular the monkfish, but after gorging out on snacks in the day, neither of us could even think about ordering a main course. If you're looking for a traditional French experience, definitely try here.

Cafe de Turin

Cafe de Turin is a famous, premium seafood restaurant which has been open since 1908. It's so well known in Nice and if you're looking to eat or try the very best, fresh seafood this is your place. We had a slight disaster with what we ordered, however this is no fault of the restaurant at all. Carrying on from our adventurous first night trying snails and frogs legs, we decided to go all out and get a platter which included oysters, mussels, crab and prawns.

This was our first time trying oysters, as well as raw mussels and I'm pretty sure that it will be the only time but honestly, if you adore seafood and are willing to splash the cash, you should try here. If you, like myself and Rosie, love seafood but wouldn't want to go quite as far as we did with what we ordered, get the mussels and fries dish - a woman on the next table to us got it and it smelled and looked incredible.

Added info 
- I must have bumped my head and simply forgotten as I didn't try even once but if you, like me, love ice cream/gelato/anything cold and filled with sugar, go to Fenocchios - it's one of the best places for it in Nice.

- If you're best friends with wine but not the money it costs, get yourself straight to a local food shop/supermarket - there will be shelves filled with €3/4 wine and the quality is amazing - you won't find any Blossom Hill rose, no sirree, just the very best. We took advantage of this far, far too much but really, it's France's fault, not ours.

Writing this post has made me very hungry and made me want to go back to Nice very quickly.

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  1. Love this post! I love seeing all the great places to eat in new places and all of these looked delicious

  2. Food is a priority with me whenever I travel, and the food you had on your trip looks amazing! I may have to follow your footsteps and travel to Nice to try some! Escargot is one of my favorite foods and I would love to try authentic escargot in France. Thanks for sharing!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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