Friday, 14 August 2015

Updated What To Take To University Checklist

The time has come.

That moment that you've been working towards for the last two years, it's here.

You're heading to university!!!

The few weeks you have between finding out your A level results and moving to university is pretty damn hectic, and amongst many other things, the stress of what to actually take with you, can be pretty daunting.

I thought it would be useful to put together a list of things that you may want to think about taking with you, whether it be for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Oh and also, congratu-bloody-lations you clever thing you. All that hard work, it paid off.
Bathroom -

I had an en-suite which I absolutely loved, and I definitely think it's worth paying slightly more for if you get the chance to choose...

- Towels - minimum of 2 and I wouldn't recommend white..
- Bath mat
- Toilet brush
- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser
- Little bin
- Cleaning products - wipes(just useful to have), anti bacterial wipes, bleach, air freshener
- Toilet roll

Kitchen -

Be prepared for cutlery to go missing, and washing up to be the bane of your life..

- Plates
- Cutlery - preferably with a pattern/colour so you know which are yours..
- Frying pan
- Sauce pan
- Wok
- Cheese grater
- Wooden spoons
- Spatulas
- Scissors
- Bottle opener
- Tin opener
- Sieve
- Oven proof dish - pasta bakes are great for making bulk meals and popping in the freezer, perfect way to save money!
- Chopping board
- Mugs - I bought way, way way too many...
- Knife block
- Toastie maker
- Kettle/toaster - but check with your flatmates first, if you stalk find them on Facebook beforehand..

Bedroom -

Your room is probably going to be on the basic side, and to be honest, there isn't always  huge amount to work with but there are a few ways to personalise it and make it your own...

 - Duvet/bed sheets/duvet covers(minimum of 2)
- Pillows/covers
- Mattress topper - without one, my bed was basically like sleeping on a piece of wood..
- Rug
- 1 lamp for bedside table and I also had a desk lamp too - not essential but I hated my main light as it made me feel like I was in a hospital room...
- Cushions
- Blankets
- Laundry basket
- Alarm clock
- Fairy lights
- Shoe rack
- Hook rack to hang coats etc
- Cute little home decor bits to spruce it up a little and make it feel like home
- Photographs - I had photographs everywhere, - they break up the bland walls and help remind you of home when you're feeling a little down
- Storage drawers - I had a plastic 3 drawer set at the bottom of my wardrobe for pjs, socks, underwear etc because clothes space is somewhat limited!
- Door stop
- Printer
- Plug extension cable
- Curtains(not completely necessary but the ones that are already there will probably be hideous..)

 Miscellaneous - 
- Blu-tack
- Batteries
- Plastic wallets
- Folders
- Pens/pencils/highlighters
- Drawing pins
- Posters
- Stapler
- Hole punch
- USB stick

Things that I could've lived without -
- Mini kettle
- Mini fridge in room
- Printer - useful and glad I have it but moving to university is already expensive enough and this wasn't completely necessary
- Storage - my advice would be, don't buy storage until you see and move in to your room. You can then see what you actually need and won't waste money on things you don't need.

Hope you found this helpful!

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  1. This was really helpful. I won't be for uni for a few years yet, but great tips!
    Ellen x


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