Monday, 24 August 2015

Where to stay in Nice

If you follow me on any form of social media (you don’t? you know what to do…) or read either of my most recent posts (you haven’t? Oh you’re going to want too…), then you will know that I recently visited Nice in the South of France.

My friend and I decided to look on Airbnb to see if there were any good prices on apartments, especially as the idea of two girls, getting ready in one hotel room for 5 nights, could potentially end in a sea of clothes and inability to actually get into the room due to the absolute mess we would make.

For £20 more than what we were going to pay for a hotel we were looking at previously, we found a 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of Nice. With a kitchen, lounge, and balcony area, it was pretty much exactly what we were looking for. 

I absolutely lo.v.e.d the way the place had been decorated…

…although who knew a plug could ruin a picture so much.

Not that looking pretty isn’t very important, it was also in an absolutely perfect location, just a two minute walk from the train station and a 5 minute walk to the one of the main streets in the city. Tucked away in a quiet, residential street though, it felt safe whatever time of the day.

It wasn’t all perfect though, as something I would definitely say that was needed in the apartment was air con because lord above, it was hot. So hot in fact that most nights we both laid with frozen wet towels over ourselves. Yep, it got real glamorous.

Another thing that is probably just me being very lazy, is that there isn’t a lift in the building, and with the apartment on the third floor, it was at times, a struggle. But y’know, got to burn those wine calories somehow…

On the whole though, this apartment was pretty ideal for our 5 night stay in Nice, with bright, spacious rooms, great facilities (including free wifi) and the convenience of where it was situated, making day trips to places further afield, or walks to the beach or the old town of Nice, very easy.

If you are interested in finding out more about this apartment, take a further look here

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