Friday, 11 September 2015

Birthday celebrations in York

As a surprise for one of my friend’s birthdays, a group of us decided to have a day out in one of my favourite places in the the UK, the city of York.

With afternoon tea booked at Patisserie Valerie later on in the day, we walked along the cobbled streets of the beautiful city, found one of the many, many, many cute little teashops and caught up with what was happening in each other’s lives. It’s pretty strange to live with a group of people and see them everyday and then suddenly, another university year has been and gone and suddenly everyone is jetting off for the summer.

Due to the English summer being completely non existent this year, as per usual, we didn’t quite ‘catch some rays’ in the city park, but more like, ‘saw some clouds and felt it spitting with rain on frequent occasions’.

Me being me, I was completely ravenous by about 11am and really couldn’t wait for the cute little sandwiches and gorgeous cakes at the afternoon tea later on. No but really, I actually couldn't wait, I had to have a sandwich. (Is it acceptable yet to partake in breakfast, brunch and lunch? No? Oh…)

Finally though, my time arrived and we made our way to Patisserie Valerie - yay! My friend managed to get a really great deal with the afternoon tea and it ended up costing us mere pounds, such a bonus. It wouldn't quite be an afternoon tea without tea served in a cup and saucer and with hot drinks being unlimited, I was in my element. I’m so rock and roll, it hurts.

The afternoon tea itself was served traditionally, with small sliced sandwiches, scones and an array of sweet treats. The scones were my absolute favourite part of course, and I really did have to resist the urge to just eat the clotted cream by itself.

My only criticism of the food was that there was perhaps a little too many sweet cakes, with all four of us agreeing that we would definitely have preferred a few more savoury options to eat. Apart from that though, it was lovely - not the absolute best I have had, but with the deal we got, it was great value for money. At the usual price of £25 for two people, I wouldn't particularly recommend it as somewhere you must try as I think there are better places out there you could go to.

That being said, we were all completely stuffed by the time we had finished and practically waddled to the roof top bar at The Judge’s Lodging. Now this is somewhere that I would definitely recommend, whether it be for a drink or for food as despite just having ate, the smell of the food that drifted towards us as we were chatting, was divine. The interior of the bar, as well as the exterior on the roof terrace is really lovely and somewhere that would be great if you’re wanting to go to a place that’s just that little bit nicer than the usual.

As Monday’s go, it was a pretty great way to have spent it - I just love York.

Where are your favourite places to go for afternoon tea in the UK?

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  1. How fun! The scones are always my favorite part of tea time! They don’t make them here in the US like they do in the UK!


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