Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Carefree day in Cannes

Cannes is an experience. An expensive experience, but an experience all the same.

Travelling by double decker train - which by the way, I am so on board (haha, get it) with, we arrived in Cannes from Nice at around 11am. My expectations were very high and after the disappointment of Monaco, I was really, really hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The closer you walk to the seafront, the more glamorous it gets and oh boy, by the time you’re on the promenade, you’re surrounded by nothing but chic designer boutiques and outrageously flamboyant cars.

Unlike Monaco, there wasn’t the ‘clambering onto the shiny cars to get a photo’ kind of awe, instead there was just an acceptance that everyone had money.

It’s a real shame I was not one of these people but hey, I tried in my Quay Australia sunnies and Primark sandals, I tried.

After a late morning glass of wine in a beach bar (don’t judge, I was on holiday and I don’t even think they allowed you to drink water...ahem) and a lovely meal in a restaurant within the famous resort city centre, it was time to relax on the pier.

We actually hadn’t had many days where at some point it hadn’t clouded over for a while so it was nice to make the most of the 30 degree sunshine…

…we didn’t move for a good few hours.

However, when we did finally decide that it was probably best we actually explored a little more of the city, we decided to venture up towards the castle ruins, which gave us stunning views of Cannes whichever direction you turned.

We did resemble Joey and Chandler from Friends a few times, almost having to ‘step into the map’ but on the whole, Cannes is really easy to travel around. We decided to just walk as it was such a gorgeous day and we were not in any kind or rush however there are frequent bus services as well as a tourist train which takes you around the city’s attractions and ‘must see’ sights.

People watching is one of my favourite pastimes and in Cannes, I had an absolute field day. One of my particular favourites was a lady lying on a sun lounger of the most expensive hotel in Cannes, wedges on, light shining off her with the amount of bling she was wearing, glass of champagne in hand with not one but three, people giving her a massage. That’s a lady who knows what she wants and gets it if ever I saw one.

The motto of the holiday was ‘yeah, why not’ so whilst we were in Cannes, we just had to pay a ridiculous amount for a single cocktail in one of the top bars along the seafront. I mean, I’d like to say it tasted completely different to any kind of bellini I’d ever had before but…I mean it tasted like a very nice Raspberry bellini. The experience though, was worth it.

Tip: The closer you get to the seafront, the more glamourous it gets which also translates as, the more expensive it gets. If you’re looking for to eat somewhere which doesn’t make either you or your bank account cry, head into the city and away from the seafront. Generally, the further away you go from the beach, the less expensive it becomes.

Have you ever been to Cannes before? What were your thoughts?

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