Friday, 18 September 2015

Eating in the North East - ARLO

I'm about to begin my final year at university and holy moly, it's scary. This time next year, I'll most probably be in Australia and I'm already getting a little emotional that I'll be leaving my beloved Newcastle behind. With this in mind, my food related mission before May 2016 is to have eaten at every independent restaurant and cafe on my extensive list here in the city, mainly because I'm completely irrational and haven't thought about the fact that I'm most likely going to end up living here in the future. It's also a pretty fantastic excuse to eat out a lot, so even though it will be reaaally tough, I'm  going to put my heart and soul into it...only for the blog though, of course. 

Jesmond is home to some of my favourite places to eat, including Cafe 1901, Cake Stories and Francesca's as well as a cafe that I've been wanting to try for sooo long, ARLO.

ARLO Bistro & Cafe, situated on Brentwood Avenue, has been described to me pretty much as the place to be for all your food related needs at whatever time of day. With incredible looking breakfasts, unique lunches and a gorgeous dinner menu, I was so excited to try this infamous place out.

After a manic few days I needed some TLC in the form of food and when my friend said she was free, we basically bolted out of the house, straight into the welcoming doors of ARLO. As soon as we walked in, I noticed the stylish decor - quirky antler lighting, book shelves filled with vintage pots and fairy lights decorating all four walls. It immediately gave the cafe a friendly and homely feel and I loved it!

Even on a Thursday afternoon, the place was packed, which is always a good sign, and we had a short wait for a table. With my tummy rumbling, it was not time to be indecisive but with at least 3 things on the lunch menu that sounded sooo good, I just couldn't help it.

Eventually, I pulled through (ahem) and managed to choose, deciding on the quiche of the day, which was ham and mustard, accompanied with a side salad, coleslaw and a teeny pot of crisps.

Oh lord. It was so good. You know that quiche that you can eat which often tastes of absolutely nothing? Yeah, this definitely was not that. Not only was it ginormous, but also so rich in flavour. I actually had that moment where you take the first bite, realise how good it is and close your eyes to savour the taste... Is it just me that does that? Yep? Oh...


Our table went pretty silent for about 10 minutes as we both simply couldn't waste a moment actually talking with such good food in front of us. My friend ordered the ARLO open sandwich, which was chicken, spring onion mayo, crispy bacon and a poached egg on thick ciabatta bread, and it's safe to say, we were both very satisfied once we'd finished.

To say it was super busy, the service was good and even though free tables were limited, neither of us felt rushed out as soon as we finished. Writing this now, I really cannot think of anything even remotely wrong with our first visit to ARLO, with both of us really wanting to go back and try the breakfast menu.

Have you been to ARLO before? Did you enjoy it?

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  1. That quiche looks massive but full of good stuff! :D Great review!

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