Monday, 21 September 2015

Eating in the North East - Pizzeria Francesca, Jesmond

If there are two things that Newcastle is definitely not short of, the first would be Greggs outlets and the second, Italian restaurants. It would be pretty difficult to write a post on the delights that Greggs has to offer seeing as I've never actually had anything from there (I know, I'm weird..) so instead, I thought I'd tell you about my most recent visit to the infamous Pizzeria Francesca's.

Located in the heart of Jesmond, Francesca's is one of the most well known Italians in Newcastle. If you're looking for well presented, sleek meals, this maybe isn't the place for you but what it can offer you is hearty, rich italian food. 

The exterior may not take your breath away, but believe me, one bite of your chosen meal and you'll be pretty damn impressed. Don't just take my word for it though, as it doesn't seem to be just me that loves Francesca's, with queues out of the door every single day of the week. 

With long queues does, unfortunately, bring a slight wait however as the saying goes, 'good things come to those who wait' and in my opinion, a restaurant with people waiting for a table even on weekdays, is a pretty good sign!

A creature of habit at times, the traditional lasagne dish was my meal of choice both times I have visited and both times, I have been defeated. The portion sizes are incredibly generous, as are the waiters with the amount of parmesan dusted on the dishes - holy moly, did someone say food coma?

The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing on both occasions that I visited, with chatter and laughter echoing around the rustic interior of the family run restaurant. The staff too, are just lovely and despite being super busy, always attentive with the service too, very quick.

Both the range of the menu and the prices almost verge on being completely unbelievable, with something for absolutely anybody at incredibly low prices. If it isn't good enough value for money already, between 5-6pm it's happy hour which means £1 off all dishes - bonus!

A pretty bold statement but it's most probably my favourite Italian in Newcastle, with Adrianos in Gosforth a very close second...

What is your favourite type of cuisine? Italian and Japanese have to be mine I think...

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