Sunday, 4 October 2015

10 thoughts every student has after Freshers Week

So Freshers Week has been and gone and after all the awkward conversations, embarrassing drunk stories that have given you all the lols the next day and filling your boots with the free crap from freshers fair that you will never ever use (but it's free right, and your a student so yeah you need those 7 pens, 14 fridge magnets and 3 bottle openers in exchange for a lifetime of spam emails), it's time to kick back, relax with your new best friends and enjoy life.
Yeah, no, it's not the time for that at all (because FYI, not to be the Grinch or anything but Freshers isn't real life) so here are 10 thoughts every student has after Freshers Week...

1. Ok I've just looked at my timetable and I like, have to go into university this week for actual lectures?

2. What? Not only have I got to leave my bed (which I'm pretending is really comfy but actually resembles lying on a plank of wood) but I have one 9am lecture too? Are they trying to kill me?!?!

3. I seriously cannot believe they expect me to pay £9,000 of my hard earned money (ahem) to do work? Can they not just like, give me the degree now? I've basically paid for it.

4. If I have to ask one more person where they come from and what course they're doing just so we don't all die of awkwardness, I am literally going to scream.

5. Omg I've been at uni for 3 hours today I am literally exhausted, I totally need to take a nap.

6. Wait, why isn't my bed made when I come home? Isn't that done automatically by like, fairies or something?

7. I am totally not taking the rubbish out again. I've done it twice already like I'm just not doing it, it's not fair.

8. I'm taking the rubbish out, I literally live with pigs I am so not ok.

9. How is cheese THIS expensive?

10.  The 'freshers 15' weight gain is so not a myth is it. I'm the size of a rhino, damn those 3am pizzas. Why do I think they're always a good idea? They are NEVER a good idea.

11. Real life is totally getting in the way of my relationship with Netflix - it's really affecting the bond we have and it's really just not ok.

12. I'm so skint...

13. ...but if I'm going to be poor I may as well spend my last £7.20 on a night out because jaeger bombs, duh

14. I really cannot be arsed to go out tonight but if I don't go I feel like everyone else will think I'm super boring and they'll hate me and speak about me behind my back and NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN.

15. Can I like, go home now?

Can you relate to any of these thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. omg the cheese one hahah
    they're all so true though😂, great post x

    1. It's just so expensive!! Haha. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it x

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