Thursday, 1 October 2015

Eating in the North East - Byron Burger

I think we can all agree that the only thing better than food, is free food, yes? Well, it’s a pretty good job Byron’s has come to town because their Newcastle launch night saw them offer free burgers all round - result!

I’m going to very quietly say (in the hope that you skip past this and don’t actually read it because it’s super boring and you won’t want to waste your time on this part of the post) that I had maybe told myself, and my housemates, that I wasn’t eating out for a whole week and it kind of went out the window in less than 24 hours. But really, how could you possibly say no to the chance of a free burger? You just couldn’t, my hands were tied, they truly were…

After excitedly signing up to the Byron Burger Club on Monday night, I eagerly waited for the email to tell me I was in, that a free burger was mine.

Guys, it came. It swooshed into my inbox and it was a beautiful moment, one I shall never forget.

Tuesday evening just could not come quick enough and as I got off the Metro in the city centre, I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t power walking to the restaurant. I had most probably walked off the calories I was about to consume, my body is basically a temple.

As I came up from the Metro (it’s underground for those of you who aren't familiar with Newcastle), I saw a queue. A long one. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one who was excited at the chance of a free Byron burger although it did mean I could look at how beautiful the city was looking on what was an early evening in September. It was however, pretty nippy so thankfully, my friend had been waiting a while already and after just over 20 minutes, we were shown to a table.

To qualify for the free burger, you were allowed to choose anything from the main menu, including the chicken and veggie options and oh boy, it was a tough one. I ended up getting the classic Byron Burger with courgette fries and for a Tuesday evening at 6pm, it couldn't have gotten much better (I mean I could’ve eaten it on a Caribbean island maybe but y’know).

Byron’s hamburgers are cooked pretty rare, however you do have the choice for it to be cooked more if you so wish. The burger I chose consisted of a patty, with the chain using premium Scottish beef, melted cheese, crispy bacon, salad, drizzled with the Byron’s sauce and a gherkin on the side too! The courgette fries, which I had never tried before, were absolute heaven too. Perhaps a strange condiment to go alongside it, but I also dipped both the burger and fries into the Byron’s hot sauce and holy moly, it was good.

The restaurant was buzzing with people, and the atmosphere was really great. The staff, who were super busy, were absolutely lovely, served our table quickly and didn't make us feel at all rushed, despite the long queue outside waiting to get in.

I think Byron’s, which is situated near Monument and is where a H&M shop used to be, is a really great addition to the city centre, which is seeing huge amounts of renovations in recent months. It’s an exciting time for Newcastle.

I suppose I should now say that the ‘not eating out for a week’ thing, starts now but thinking about it, eating out is basically my hobby and my parents always told me that practise makes perfect when it comes to things like that so… Life’s too short to not eat out (that could totally be a new hashtag).

Are you happy Byron’s is in town? What’s your favourite burger toppings? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. I'm ecstatic that Bryon's arrived in town... I moved up from London this year and it was one of my fave burger joints, so it's frickin' awesome news that we've got our own swanky joint to enjoy - yay!!! Lucky you getting a free burger :-)

  2. Isn't it just the best! Ha I know, what a bonus xx

  3. I love the sound of the Winter Carnival and having fireworks on NYE is a huge occasion here in London and a pretty manic one too stag ideas


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