Saturday, 10 October 2015

Eating in the North East - Osaka

Can I have a raise of hands from all the people who get completely and utterly obsessed with a type of cuisine and just can't stop themselves eating it 6784 times a week?

My hand is firmly raised in the air, as high as it can reach, because over the past few months, Japanese food has become my kryptonite.

It all started with 'forgetting' to bring in my lunch to work so absolutely having to go to North East  sushi company, Nudo, for the salmon set which is basically what dreams are made of. I may or may not have spent at least half of my wages this summer on that exact takeaway dish and I'm not going to lie to you guys - we're all friends here - I do get the tray meant for 2 people and I do eat it all at once. I could even probably manage a seaweed roll too, I'm just that greedy crazy.

But then, it happened.

I found out about Osaka, a Japanese restaurant in Newcastle city centre, and that was the moment I knew that my life would change forever. Or y'know, that I would probably love it loads and I could go all the time and spend all my money there. Same thing really.

Located in the heart of Newcastle, Osaka is a contemporary Japanese, sushi and noodles restaurant. Sourcing all fish from the finest fishmongers in the North East, all dishes are made to order, with a view of the chefs hard at work in the open kitchen.

Named the best sushi restaurant in Newcastle, it would be an absolute crime not to sample of the very best as a tasty starter and yep, it was all kinds of good. My friend and I have actually been twice now, with the restaurant jam packed (always a good sign) and  have been incredibly impressed with everything we ordered both times.

On my first visit, I ordered teriyaki salmon which was cooked beautifully, the flavour was just perfect and accompanied on a bed of sticky boiled, rice, it was a real struggle to eat it all. Don't worry though, I soldiered on and finished it.

The second visit though, is when things heated up and I got real excited, real quick when I came across 'the box of dreams'. As I was perusing the menu, the table next to me were served what looked like an absolute banquet of Japanese food, served in a neat, square box. If I'd have made it anymore obvious that I was desperately trying to see what they had ordered, I would basically have been sat on their lap but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to order a feast of food.

It turned out to be a magical thing called a 'bento box' and if I could recommend anything to you from Osaka's menu, it would definitely be this. A creature of habit, I ordered the teriyaki salmon, with it accompanied in the box by salad, japanese pickles, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, 2 pieces of maki, 2 pieces of sushi rice as well as miso soup to start with. Each served in a little compartment within the box, it was absolutely delicious, the fish was so fresh and the presentation was so sleek. Personally, for the quality of the food, I thought it was good value at £15.50 for the bento box and will definitely be ordering it again upon returning. Which will be soon. Like tomorrow probably.

If you're a fan of Japanese food, and find yourself looking for a new place to try in the heart of Newcastle, this is definitely the place to go. I absolutely loved it and it is fast becoming my favourite restaurant in the city.

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  1. I've never tried this place but it looks delicious!! I am sushi obsessed and always looking for new places. I love nudo for convenience and their seared salmon is delish! Also I REALLY love St Sushi which people seem to not be aware of but it is sooo good! They serve the bento box too and I get the salmon teriyaki. We are both Salmon obsessed ha!

  2. Hole on, those large Nudo trays are meant for two people?! Oooooops!

    I love Osaka, such a great restaurant.

    Katie xoxo


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