Monday, 26 October 2015

Study tips for university

So you’ve moved to university, had a Fresher’s week that you either can’t, or don’t want to, remember and now you’re in the midst of your first semester. 

Now you have to actually attend lectures, work hard and study (which you totally didn't sign up for..) and you're a tad lost. Don't worry though as you are most definitely not alone.

As you probably all know, first year doesn’t actually count towards anything apart from your hideously high student debt, which is all kinds of ridiculous but anyway, I digress.

The grades that you achieve in your first year at university don’t necessarily count towards the degree qualification that you will come out with in 3 years’ time (the 3 fastest years of your life believe me, as I cry into my dissertation notes) but working out a way of studying and revising sooner rather than later, definitely makes second and third year that bit easier.

Unlike school, lecturers won’t be breathing down your neck, checking if you’ve done last weeks recommended reading. You are given a reading list, you are told to attend all lectures but if you don’t, that’s your own decision. For many, this is the ultimate excuse to kick back, relax and get every last pennies worth of your Netflix subscription but for others, it completely and utterly freaks them out because where’s the structure and the guidance and the spoon fed information?!?!

It's gone. Soz guys.

It can be difficult to find a routine that suits you, as well as the environment that you live in. Before coming to university, I found it easier to study in the evenings however try that when you live in halls especially, and you’ll (most likely) fail. That is, unless you have A LOT of willpower to not join your other flatmates doing all the fun things. Which I lack. Greatly.

So. Because I’m such a perfect student (as I’m writing this instead of working on an assignment) I thought I would put together a little list of tips and tricks on how to be an absolute pro at studying whilst at university...

Put your god damn phone down
No but seriously, phones are the root of evil when it comes to procrastinating from working. You aren't missing any inane posts on Facebook, Candy Crush can totally wait and you can catch up on who's retweeted your super funny tweets later, turn your phone on silent, put it somewhere out of view, concentrate and crack on with working. It'll be finished so much quicker with no phone-related distractions.

Copy up lecture notes straight away
Not everyone does this, but I find it so helpful when it comes to revising towards the end of the semester if I have notes from each lecture of a module, in chronological order, already written up. Even if you don't get chance to do the some/any of the recommended reading, make a conscious effort to write up the info from the lecture and you'll be thanking 'past you' when everyone else around you are running around like headless chickens, frantically trying to find out what the hell they're supposed to be revising.

Read, highlight then type
This is basically my 'uni life' motto. For every journal article or textbook chapter that I read, I first go through and highlight any relevant points ('Mendeley' is fab for doing this on your laptop) then type up all the highlighted notes into a word document. That way, you have all the information that you need for future reference without having to tear your hair out looking for those scrappy pieces of paper that used to resemble a journal article later on.

Get a head start on assignments
At the start of the semester, those December deadlines seem an absolute age away but in reality, they'll be upon you faster than a hare on speed (just don't even ask where I got that from, I have no idea myself). Seriously though, your assignment briefs are usually handed out very early on in the term so instead of filing them away and forgetting about them until 2 days before the deadline, actually take the time to look at them, read into it a little bit and if you're feeling super prepared, write down a rough essay structure. You'll be giving yourself a rather large pat on the back when it comes to sitting down and writing it later on in the semester.

Don't be that person
How funny is it being a 'typical student' leaving 4 assignments until the last week and cramming them all in, doing 3 all nighters in a row? Yeah, it's not funny at all actually. Don't be that person. Give yourself the time to be able to sit down and work really hard on it. At the end of the day, you're paying an insane amount of money (thanks Dave C) so it would be silly to not put all of your effort into doing the best you can.

University can be made out to be really hard and really scary, but people do make it out in one piece, I promise! It is hard and at times the only thing you can do is grab the tub of peanut butter with one hand, and put a spoon in the other to drown your sorrows but, it's not impossible and you can do it. Make time to relax, to socialise, to eat (a lot), to explore the city you're living in. Basically, make time to live your life too.

There we have it - a few tips which might make studying at university that little bit easier!

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