Saturday, 7 November 2015

Life happens...

Hi, I'm Charlotte and you may or may not have forgotten who I am...


This is the longest I haven't posted in about six months so, how are you? Wet and cold? Yep, same.

So I haven't posted in just over a week and if I'm honest, I haven't really felt like posting for about a month. You know how it is, blogging motivation/inspiration comes in peaks and troughs and all that, and well, y'know, life happens.

Some people love to write when they're not feeling great, acting like a sort of therapy, but for me writing on this blog can only happen when I'm in a good mood. A mood which, as I'm sure my friends would tell you, I have most definitely not been in.


Good things have been happening.

Firstly. Hot bloody chocolate.  Seriously.  I think Newcastle should win some kind of award for just having the absolute best hot chocolates on offer in the entire world (big statement, can't back it up, let's move on). I think I may just do a post on this exact topic but until then, let me leave you with this absolute masterpiece from Jam Jar in Jesmond. An actual PINT of hot chocolate. With all the cream and chocolate pieces. The absolute works. This is how I spend my Saturday morning and I'm not going to lie to you, this will now be how I spend all Saturday mornings until summer resumes because I am not about this wet weather. Britain totally needs to check itself before it wrecks itself although I'm thinking it has a bit more to do with Dave Cameron et al rather than the weather and that topic, is for another day.

I was featured in a lovely write up by Bellevita Magazine about being named as one of finalists of the UK Food Blog awards (er, insane!). Whoever it was, that was kind enough to nominate me for this award deserves a big slab of chocolate and a bottle of wine on me because I had no idea it was even happening and it completely made my WEEK when I found out. So, thank you.

A long weekend in London in December has been booked and this is honestly getting me through the first semester of third year because wowza, it is not pleasant. London at Christmas on the other hand, will be more than pleasant, it will be amazing and I cannot wait! All the excitement to drink all the mulled wine. If you have any recommendations of things to definitely 100% do in London around Christmas, please let me know in the comments! Love u 4evz.

I redicovered Sex and the City (yes this is one of my good things that have been happening, reserve judgement plz). Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda have been my saviours over the last few weeks, I heart them. A lot.

So I hope you're well and I apologise for not posting about some kind of wondrous food over the last week but I'm sure you know how it is.

Let's not leave it too long until we talk again, hey.. Let me know your highlights over the past couple of weeks whether it be big or small, because they all make a different right?

Want to chat? Let's get social...


  1. I've spent the last couple of weeks rewatching SATC too and I had forgotten how good it is! I'm so sad that I've just finished it though. Also I'm going through a massive hot chocolate phase and those look INCREDIBLE!

    1. I can't believe I haven't watched it in so long - I'm obsessed all over again.. Goodbye productivity! Yessssss, doesn't it look amazing.. It tasted pretty damn good too x


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