Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas wishes (and confessions!)

Chriiiistmas time, mistletoe and (lots of) wine...

Sitting here with a cup of tea and an empty 'share' packet of Malteasers (which I absolutely did not share because who does), with the Christmas tree lights flickering in the background and the Michael Buble album blaring out, I'm feeling pretty content.

Content and completely ignorant to the fact that I have not wrapped a single present yet, woo...

Apparently people enjoy wrapping and I don't know whether I'm a complete grinch but I despise it. Like truly, truly despise it. In fact, if money was no object (dreaming this will be the case sometime soon, c'mon Father Christmas, you know ya wanna make my wish come true), I would definitely pay someone to wrap my presents. I love buying presents, and not just because of the 'one for me, one for you' logic, but wrapping is just the worst.

I actually am the grinch in (a slight) disguise though... I'll give you a little list of reasons why:

1. I only tried my first ever mince pie yesterday
2. I've never watched any of the Home Alone films
3. I think Elf is possibly the least funny film I have ever had the displeasure of watching in my life
4. Love Actually is alright
5. When people above the age of 13, say 5 more sleeps until Christmas', I want to flick them. Who says sleeps? Stop.
6. I'm really not a fan of cinnamon or gingerbread scents or tastes and don't even get me started on the Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie scent *voms*


I am the grinch. I know you're questioning if I'm human right now or if actually, I'm grumpy old man in disguise (would be a tad creepy, promise I'm not).

So now I've made you feel super Christmassy and got you right into the festive spirit (ahem), I do want to take a little moment to say thank you for reading this year. Frequent posting has dropped off slightly towards the end of the year but y'know, life happens and third year is currently (unfortunately) happening so... oops.

I hope you've enjoyed the posts here on Written by a Girl this year though because I know I've loved writing them. I'm so excited for the new year and what it brings with it.. April sees me finish my final year at university (say whaaaaaat, where has that time gone, seriously) and May sees me take a one way flight to South Africa which I am psyched for - I've been waiting so long for the right time to go travelling and it's finally come. YAY. So I hope you stick around and maybe even tell a friend if you think they'd like a little read for when they're meant to be doing work or revision or something productive, but just don't wanna but most of all, I hope you have a lovely Christmas in which you eat too much, drink too much and laugh a lot.

Merry Christmas you guys, and let's have a really fabulous new year.

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