Friday, 29 January 2016

10 reasons why wine will always be your best friend

So we're coming to the end of January, which has been pretty much the longest month of my entire existence, and having decided to stupidly think I was some sort of hero by taking part in 'Dry January', I got to thinking (mainly because I didn't have anything else to do because I wasn't drinking.)

You know what I realised over the past four weeks?

I realised that I like wine, okay. No actually, I don't like wine, I love wine.

I mean, don't worry or anything, I'm not cracking a bottle of Echo Falls open at 7am every morning or substituting milk for prosecco in my cereal (although actually, now that I think about it, that could be a fantastic business idea right there.. watch this space) but a glass or three of wine, socialising with friends is nice, it's an enjoyable pastime, it's... okay I was about to say it's sort of like a hobby but I realise how sad that sounds so let's move on very swiftly.

If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know by now that the way to my heart is predominantly through wine and chocolate and anything that is accompanied with melted cheese (yes, my body is a temple, but what are you gonna do about it) so it really was a very stupid idea to give up alcohol for an entire month. I mean, what was I thinking? All I've done is eat more, which is just absolutely fabulous for the waistline, yep, real good strategy Charlotte, well done.

You see, wine and I have a great relationship, we really do. It's always there for me, come rain and shine, and I know, that if the world has annoyed me that day, I can always count on that bottle glass of wine to be there for me. Without a shadow of a doubt.

My fellow wine lovers, we may be jokingly called alcoholics from time to time, but ignore the hates because, deep down, we know that we were born to do this, to appreciate the pop of the cork, to appreciate that first heavenly sip (mainly because we can't remember the last most of the time) and so,  here are 10 reasons why you'll always find a best friend in the good stuff...

1. Always there to comfort you
Whether you've had a crappy day at work, are stressed out with uni deadlines or just aren't feeling the absolute top of the world that day, you can always rely on wine to comfort you.  

2. Would never, ever judge
Weirdly, sometimes somehow, you maybe end up having a little too much to drink and sometimes somehow, you maybe end up doing or saying pretty silly things but unlike people, wine never judges you. 

3. Will never disagree with you, ever
You can talk and talk and talk and talk, and wine will always listen and never disagree with you. Unless you've had some dodgy prawns or something, it might disagree with you then...

4. Completely relaxes you
It's the perfect companion in relaxing on the sofa with lots of food and if you've never had a glass of wine in the bath I mean, what are you doing? Really?

5. Improves your dancing and singing abilities
Somehow, you get a couple of glasses of wine in the system and you're popping shapes like you've walked straight out of Drake's latest music video, and can belt out a couple of Beyonce classics just like the Queen herself. 

6. Tastes bloody good
No but who wants a jaeger bomb or a double vodka when you can experience a taste sensation in the form of a glass of wine? 

7. Instantly turns you into an independent, classy gal
Glass of wine in hand and you're basically the classiest human being alive, no questions asked. You could swear and people be judging you but wine in hand = classy as shit. End of. 

8. Can always be depended on after you give up a new fad diet
We all try and say that we're giving up the good stuff and going on this all new, ultra effective diet where you live on air and dust for like 7 weeks and you lose 3 stone, and wine accepts you need to do this for yourself... ...but 2 days later when you've cracked and ordered a Chinese takeaway and picked up a bottle of White Zinfandel on the way home, it's there, waiting, just for you. 

9. Is the perfect companion alongside all cheese related food
If eating pizza and drinking wine on a Monday evening is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Simple.

10. Will always love you
Unconditionally. Always and forever.

Thanks wine - you da best,

Love and best wishes,

Fermented grape lovers everywhere.

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  1. Haha love this post. Wine is my best friend (but no so much the next morning)
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

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