Wednesday, 13 January 2016

6 (unhelpful) tips on how to survive university

I don't want to sound smug anything but this week I sat my last ever exam at university. IAMSOSMUGIAMSOSMUGIAMSOSMUG.

Imagine if I have to resit it now.

So I've sat my last exam at university and am about to start my final semester and I've only almost died like 3 times since becoming a student so if this doesn't qualify me to give out some pretty great advice, I mean, I don't know what does.
University is...

And... Gut wrenchingly expensive. Seriously.

At first I hated it, then I loved it, then second year came around and I realised that I loved it even more than I love melted cheese, then I realised that is absolutely ridiculous because I don't love anything more than melted cheese and now... Now I'm happy it's coming to an end but all good things do, don't they.

Here are 6 extremely helpful ways to survive your time at university. You are welcome. 

1. Learn how to justify things
Forget Harvard referencing and critical reading, one of the most important things to learn to do whilst at university is to justify things. So you want that sassy fur coat from Topshop but in reality, you don't have enough dollar? No problem, because remember that one time 3 months ago you saved £1.80 when you didn't buy a packet of crisps and a diet coke whilst at the library and then you walked home instead of getting the bus? Yep, exactly, you've basically saved enough money that really, the coat is free.

2. Eat a lot
You're young, you're independent, you're free and you know what this means? You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want and there are no limitations. If anything, it's necessary to eat everything in sight because it actually helps your brain to focus on that assignment you have due in next week (see how justifying things comes in useful:take note) so is it acceptable to eat an entire packet of custard creams in one sitting? My friend, not only is it acceptable, it is commendable.

3. Find a drinking routine that works for you
It's really very important whilst at university to find yourself a drinking routine that suits you. Whether that be drinking a bottle of £3 acid own brand vodka at pre drinks, going 'out out' 4 times a week and becoming best mates with the takeaway man, going to the local pub and socialising over a 4 or 5 drinks in the space of one happy hour or sitting at home with a glass of wine in your pyjamas, it's personal choice.

4. Master the art of patience
Patience when living with other people, is key, particularly in a student house. Looking forward to that cheese and ham toastie that you've been dreaming about since you last ate 37 minutes ago and then go to the fridge to find it gone? Be patient. Feel like an absolute domestic goddess when you've done the washing up, cleaned the sides and  taken the rubbish out to find approximately 3 seconds later it looks like an actual bomb has hit it? Be patient. Living with people can sometimes be a tad testing but it's fine because they're your friends and you love them and it doesn't matter and you have learnt the art of being patient. And how to scream into a pillow on a daily basis without a single person hearing you.

5. Climatise yourself to the Antarctic 
First year students are thinking, 'what's this weirdo on about? I'm lovely and toasty and warm in my room in halls with the heating permanently on 24/7, in fact, I'm actually too warm'. But don't get too comfortable, for second year will be upon you in no time and you know what that means? Paying for central heating. And you know what that leads too? Not turning central heating on. And you know what that brings with it? A house so cold you can see your own breath as you lie in bed. A house so cold you will permanently be wearing 3 pairs of socks, 2 jumpers, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, a dressing gown, gloves and a ski hat. A house so cold that the outdoor temperatures in January are practically tropical compared to your own living room. So yeah, climatise yourself to the Antarctic, it's pretty much the same thing.

6. Prioritise yourself
Life is too short to not do you. Not feeling going out and getting crushed in a loud, smelly nightclub? Don't go. Everyone you know joining the uni gym and you aren't feeling it? Don't join. It really is very simple; think about the idea, evaluate whether you want to spend your time enduring that idea, make a decision.

So there we have it, 6 of the most helpful tips on how to get through university like an absolute breeze.

You're so welcome.

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  1. I finished uni last June and boy was patience needed in the last year! I'd probably add that accepting melted cheese as currency in your student house is also not just acceptable, but commendable. I mean, exchanging your washing up for buying your housemate pizza on the next night out is the only way forward when deadlines are coming in haha

    Steph -

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