Sunday, 17 January 2016

Eating in the North East - Simply Greek Tavern

On a scale of one to I can't feel my toes, exactly how cold are you today because I know what my answer would be.

As I write this I can actually see my own breath and although you may be thinking that's my own fault for being stupid enough to sit outside, which you would be correct in doing, I'm in my actual bed in my actual bedroom. Oh yeah, it's real glamorous in a student house when the heating is rationed, real glamorous.

I suppose though, not everything has to be glamorous in life, for it to be good and that's where the Simply Greek Tavern comes in. Situated within Bigg market, just a stone's throw away from much loved Kafeneon, lies a Greek restaurant which could perhaps become a contender for must underrated restaurant in Newcastle.

Through the doors, and down the stairs lies Simply Green Tavern, which aims to 'let you relive your holidays' with a relaxed atmosphere, great music and incredible food. Having heard great things about this restaurant from friends, I was excited to try it out for myself so when one Friday night it was suggested we venture there instead of actually cooking ourselves, I practically leaped out of the house and ran there. (Side note: I hate cooking, just incase you hadn't already guessed from the amount I eat out.)

When you are first led to your table, you could perhaps question the decor a tad however the phrase not judging a book by its cover is particularly apt in regards to this place. After ordering a bottle of wine (obviously), it was down to deciding what to order... which took a while. As in, we were basically any waiter's nightmare, possibly apologising that weren't we weren't ready maybe two...three times.

When a menu is this good though, who's fault is it, really.

After a long time deliberating (such martyrs, I know), we came to a decision. That decision was that we were basically going to order everything.

For our starter, we ordered haloumi saganaki, calamari and pitta bread with a tzatziki dip, which were all so good, we had both pretty much inhaled it (minus the salad because why waste room?) within two minutes of it being placed on the table. The haloumi in particular, was just incredible and by far my favourite part of the entire meal.

Our eyes were perhaps a little bigger than our bellies, hard to believe I know, as upon the main course arriving, we were both pretty full.

I mean, obviously that didn't stop us eating because y'know, food is food and if I could transform this blog post into one in which you could smell how good the Kleftiko dish was, I totally would because then you would know exactly why I entered a food coma after being unable to leave one single piece of food on my place.

I have to admit, I was incredibly surprised by the quality of the food; it really was fantastic and the lamb in particular was perfectly cooked. Soft to the touch, succulent and complimented with some trusty old potatoes, I would definitely recommend trying this dish out if you visit there anytime soon.

It's not just the food though, that has shot the tavern straight up my list of favourite places to eat in Newcastle, but the staff and the ambience of the place too. If you could find friendlier and more charismatic staff, then please let me know because I will be at that restaurant like a shot, as the people we were served by were just the loveliest and most helpful people you could wish for. I question people who believe that it doesn't matter about how the staff treat you, for only the food matters, because for me, if a member of staff is rude or unfriendly, it puts me on edge and no longer makes me feel comfortable sitting in their restaurant.

Whilst we were eating, other restaurant goers were getting up onto their feet and dancing to the live music, and this just made the atmosphere even better. Okay, so it was a Friday so perhaps on a weekday this wouldn't happen but to be surrounded by so many people having such a great time, lifted the mood of the restaurant even more. It was just great, really really great.

With great quality food at affordable prices, I would definitely recommend Simply Greek Tavern to anyone.

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  1. Great post, it really is a hidden gem and great value too. I always have a mythos beer to accompany my food and help me imagine I really am in Greece!

  2. The food looks so good in the picture, the portions look big too. This sounds like a great place with it’s amazing food and ambiance all in great price.


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