Friday, 15 January 2016

Exciting news!

I know this is painfully British but... How cold is it at the moment? I mean, it is winter and it does happen every single year therefore I'm not quite sure why we all seem so surprised each and every time it rolls around but... it's so... cold.

I've had one of those moments this week. One of those moments where I stop and think about why I'm holding myself back over starting things and writing things and doing things that I want to do. I see other people venture off on to new projects, whether it be on their blog or something different and I love it and I'm like YEAH, GO YOU but when it comes to me, I seem to shy away from it, telling myself I can't. But if everyone said 'I can't' we'd be in a real old pickle wouldn't we. I mean we currently have a guy walking on space, don't we? I mean, that's pretty awesome. Imagine if he'd said, 'nah, I can't do that, I'm not good enough to fly up to space on my own..', what would the (not really my forte and I'm not even going to google fancy words and pretend it is) do then? 

I've gone off track.

But, I think what I'm attempting to say, is that too often, the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. Our thoughts. Our worries about if we fail. Our reservations on whether we can handle it or keep it up or commit properly to it.

This has taken quite a deep turn but it's basically a dramatic way of saying... I'm starting something new! I'm starting a weekly newsletter! Woo! Yay! Woo!

Over the past couple of months I've seen a few of my favourite writers and bloggers start a newsletter and I have absolutely loved them. Emma Gannon, who is basically the Queen of newsletters, literally makes my Sunday with hers, and for a while now, I've thought about starting one too. Because if I enjoy hers so much, then why not give one a go myself. What's the harm in trying. I mean, it could be a complete fail but it could be a great success and everyone has to start somewhere, right? 

I just think, I may as well put all the time I spend reading web articles to good use, and let me tell you, if there's something I can do well, it is spending long periods of time staring at my computer screen reading articles on things like, productivity, getting ahead and not wasting time. Irony, huh. It now even gives me an excuse to carry on doing this, how jolly well marvellous.

So, yep. If enjoy reading my blog and my tweets etc, then I really think you'll enjoy my newsletter. It won't just be about food (I promise) or travelling (double promise), instead it will include articles and links I love, book recommendations, videos and podcasts, inspiration, life updates and EVERYTHING ELSE. It's basically a round up of everything I've loved on the internet that week.

It isn't just for students or people living in or around Newcastle. It's for thinkers, bloggers, feminists, creative peeps.., Basically, if you like this blog, if you like my tweets... You'll like this newsletter.

So, join me? PLEASE? Just pop your email address in the link below and every Sunday, this piece of gold dust will drop into your inbox, accompanied by a bar of Galaxy cookie crumble and a glass of prosecco*.


*It will not be accompanied by a bar of Galaxy cookie crumble and a glass of prosecco. But imagine if that could actually happen. Wowzas. 


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