Monday, 4 January 2016

Is going travelling stupid or sane?

So we’re 4 days into the new year now, which for many people means ‘back to work’ and for students means ‘cramming in all the revision you’ve forgotten about whilst stuffing yourself silly with pigs in blankets and left until the last minute’.

I do enjoy how universities in England organise exams to be sat in January. Like first you dollop about 40 grand of debt in our back pockets, and then you ruin our Christmas time, thanx guys.

It’s not all bad though, well, for me anyway, although I do hope you aren’t hitting breaking point just yet either, especially you third years, we’ve got a whole dissertation to write yet, #staystrong. But nope, it’s not all bad as the end is in sight, it’s moving at a swift pace closer and closer towards me and before I can say ‘daily breakdowns in the library’, I will have finished university.

 No, sorry…

WHAT? Where have those three years actually gone? I know it’s painfully cliche but, WHERE DOES TIME GO? One minute I was attempting to enjoy freshers (how god awful is it though, seriously) and the next I’m thinking about what actual job I want, where I’m going to live, what I’m going to DO…

 …Except, I’m not.

Taken on my trip to Nice, August 2016
In case you hadn’t guessed, or read any of my blog posts from the previous 2 months where I appear to have annoyingly mentioned it in pretty much every single one (sorry about that), I’m going travelling.

Yep, I’m like, no thank you society, I’m not quite ready for my 5 year career plan, council tax, the prospect of attempting to save money to buy a 2 up, 2 down (lol, who am I kidding, I was born in the 1990s, we’re renting for life aren’t we), then getting married, having kids, to then work for the rest of my life until I finally retire (if retirement is even a thing in 50 years) and then eventually die.

Nope, I’m not ready for any of that.

But am I stupid? (That’s a rhetorical question, for any of you comedians out there…)

Am I stupid for going travelling for a year? 
Because some days, little doubts creep into my mind about how when I come back, what if I won’t be able to get a job? What if I forget the knowledge and skills I’ve developed in the job I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten alongside being at university, so my CV, is basically… a little bit crap compared to all the other twenty somethings, who stayed here, and worked? What if I can’t find jobs when I’m away and I screw up and have to come home early?

What if, what if, what ifffffffffff…

But most days.. Most days I think about the fact I’ve been wanting to do this since the age of 15 and now it’s come round, and I have the opportunity to go and see the world this year, I would be pretty damn stupid not to go for it. Most days I get excited every time I think about where I’m going and what I’m going to do and see and the people I’ll meet.

Taken on my trip to Amsterdam, Sept 2015
And then I tell myself to quit worrying about things that probably aren’t ever going to be problems and appreciate the position I’m in to be lucky enough to have been able to save enough money on my own, to be able to actually even think about going travelling for the year. That, finally, I won’t feel envious on instragram at how other people are leading their lives, travelling, because I’ll be doing it too. I’ll be following my dreams too.

Hell, it doesn't mean it’s not scary. In fact, not to be hugely crude, but I could do a teeny tiny poo at how scary it is but that’s good. Being scared is good, because it means you’re pushing yourself to do things out of the ordinary. Throwing balls to the wind, quitting the chat and actually doing what I’ve been bending people’s ears off for the last few years, is exactly what I’m going to do and need to do.

Because, as I speak to more and more people about what i’m going to be doing, I’ve realised something. Or should I say, I’ve realise something I never want to do in the future. The amount of people who reply with ‘I always wanted to go travelling, but never got round to it, never got the chance and now it’s too late’ is insane.

And I never, ever want to be that person. Ever.

We just make it so difficult for ourselves. Find what you love and do what you love. Life's too short to do anything else.

What are your thoughts about this? I'd love to hear your views in the comments!

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