Friday, 5 February 2016

Eating in the North East - St Sushi

With the countdown ticking to my departure from the city of Newcastle, my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to write a list of all the places we still wanted to visit and I know this is some truly shocking news but...most of them were restaurants. 

You know, you have sights such as Hadrian's Wall, Beamish Museum, Durham Cathedral but no, we basically wrote a list of food we want to eat. So cultured. 

One of the places on our list, which seems to be growing longer with each passing day, was St Sushi which I'd been told about on numerous occasions, because apparently if you like Osaka, you'll love St Sushi. 

Having decided to make the most of Newcastle Restaurant Week, we finally booked a table on a Friday night to get real happy with a whole lot of sushi. (No but seriously, who needs to go clubbing when you can drink and eat your body weight in sushi and get home at a reasonable hour? Not me, that's who...)

On arrival, the restaurant was buzzing with excitement (or maybe that was just me) but really, it's a great sign when a place is already filling up at just after 6pm and we were shown to the table by a lovely waitress straight away, who was very friendly, attentive and efficient throughout the evening.

Now onto the most important part... Food.

Let me set the scene.

It's a Friday night, you've got that good feeling inside because it's the start of your weekend and you want to order a whole lot of food real quick. You're perusing the menu, oohing and aahing at all of the things you can't possibly choose between when actually you looked at the menu 4 days ago and have already decided a 7 course meal for yourself but you continue looking because you don't want to admit it, or if you do, you'll at least confess after you've ordered.

We decided to start with a few dishes of sushi from the 'restaurant week' menu, including snapper nigiri, salmon nigiri,  tamago nigiri  and California ISO as well as the 6pc vegetarian sushi platter including cucumber maki, asparagus nigiri, avocado maki and vegetarian handroll and because all that just wasn't enough, we added a couple of extras off the main menu in the form of king prawn tempura and special 'St Sushi' maki.

I mean first of all, yes perhaps we do have a slight problem but second of all, wow. I'm giving an absolute 10 out of 10 to the king prawn tempura because wow, wow, wow - it was so good. If you're a fan of sushi with a slight crunch and bite, you'll really love that dish in particular but if I'm honest, they were all pretty great, including the egg one which I was immensely unsure about.

Neither of us strayed very far from our comfort zone for the main course, but I'm on a mission at the moment to find the best salmon teriyaki around (if you have any recommendations, hit me up!). Whilst this salmon dish was very good, with fresh tasting fish, tasty seasoning and a very generous portion of steamed rice which I could just eat all day, every day and be very happy (and very fat) I did find the accompaniment of new potatoes and vegetables a tad strange.

Both the sushi and main courses were served very well and little touches such as soy sauce and wasabi already on the table, really added that something extra to our dining experience. As for the comparison to Osaka? I'd say the quality of the food really was just as good and having looked at the normal menu prices, they are actually cheaper too! Osaka still has a special place in my heart but I am very sure that this won't be my only visit to St Sushi - a really top quality restaurant.

Location: 89-93 Westgate Road, NE1 4AE

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