Saturday, 26 March 2016

Eating in the North East - The Botanist

So Spring is springing and the weather is, well let’s face it, the weather is still for the most part, pretty crap but let’s think positively… It’s developing. It’s gradually getting better. It’s going to be great…soon.

One of the best things about the sun shining, is the fact that it becomes far more acceptable to spend your days drinking, thanks to the wonderful creation that are, beer gardens.

One of the best places in Newcastle to drink, in general, is The Botanist but in the summer, it becomes the city centre hotspot, boasting a pretty fab balcony which gives you views of Monument and Grey Street (which has been voted the UK’s best looking street, fancy!).

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and stepmum came up to visit, and in need of place to spend a relaxing Monday afternoon, we headed there for a cheeky little bellini and a spot of lunch. Having been to The Botanist rather a lot never because of course I hardly ever drink ahem, I was looking forward to finally trying out the food, having heard great thing from others.

Fancying a little variety, I decided on the ‘The Botanist Deli Board’ which allows you to select 4 items from any of the categories including homemade favourites, meats and fish, and cheese, whilst also served with a Turkish flatbread. I decided on a poached salmon fillet, pomegranate and minted pearl couscous, caesar salad and…camembert, because although I tried to be healthy, I would rather sell a limb than miss out on cheese, all cheese, so… needs must and all that.

Served on a wooden board (supporters of the ‘We Want Plates’ campaign will not be happy), it was presented really well, with the couscous and caesar salad arriving in small China bowls which I enjoyed…a lot.

Whilst the food was really great, and definitely recommended, my favourite part of visits to The Botanist, is undoubtedly that first sip of the strawberry bellini. A trip to this place without a strawberry bellini is like going to a theme park and not going on any rides, like going to the seaside and not getting fish and chips, it’s just wrong, plain and simple. I know I could perhaps be beginning to sound like an alcoholic but if you’re a prosecco fan (if you’re not, we can’t be friends), I defy you to not enjoy it, I truly do.

Fear not though, as if you aren’t a big drinker, the hot drinks are served so gorgeously you’ll totally be having the drinkers in your group stealing your crockery for a cheeky little instagram which is exactly what I did, but I mean cmon, how nice!!

Of course, nowhere is perfect and this place is no different, as from my personal experience, the bar service isn't the quickest and you could be in for a slight wait, especially at prime time. Despite this though, in the perfect city centre location, owner of the most gorgeous interiors of a bar you may see in the city and with rather fabulous cocktails, The Botanist really is a treat…

Man, I want a strawberry bellini.

Fancy a trip? Here are the deets!
Where: Monument Mall, NE1 5AU
To book: 0191 261 6307
Head to their website aka look at the food menu

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