Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mothering Sunday at Grainger Market

This coming Sunday marks Mother's Day, a time to appreciate, celebrate and treat our mums for the absolute diamonds that they are. Each in their own little unique ways, they're just the best and yet until we sit back and take a second to think about what our lives would be like without them, we don't even fully appreciate it.

They grow us, birth us, feed us, teach us to walk, to talk, to love, to live, to do all the things we do (and don't do) in our day to day that we don't even realise. The sacrifices they've made, have literally meant we are (almost) fully functioning human beings, with good morals (always) and polite habits (mostly), and have moulded us into the people we are today (even if we don't always want to believe it). 

Even if sometimes we want to maybe flick them on the arm and tell them to stop faffing and fussing, they're great, and we wouldn't have them any other way, would we... 

My mum is one of my best friends and despite not seeing her that often anymore (we live in different cities, it's not as dramatic as it sounds) there is nothing much that can beat the feeling of going home and catching up over a nice, strong cup of tea and a couple of packets of shortbread. Because she's the  best. She lets me, she's set me free to go and live the life I want too (even if she has already told me 356543 times that she'll cry when I say goodbye at the airport in May) but she's letting me go because that's what I want to do, and need to do, and I appreciate that. But I always know that if it doesn't work out, whatever it may be, she's there, at the end of the phone, at the end of a car journey, she's there. And always will be. 

As I mentioned, my mum and I don't see each other huge amounts and so when I heard about the event happening in Grainger Market this Sunday, I kind of had a little pang of sadness because there are two things that my mum and I have in common and that is that we like eating food, and we like eating a lot of it, and both are combined in this 'Mothers Day market'.

Can I firstly point out how incredibly, amazingly Geordie this cake is? Like, can we just take a second to appreciate this... 

Ok, anyway, yes! Grainger Market! On Mother's Day! If you haven't already been to the market already then I mean I don't know what you've been doing and more importantly, where you've been food shopping because this place is the place to be. Not kidding, not even a little bit. 

I love the butchers and the fishmongers and the fruit and veg stalls because it's all such good quality and such good value, never did I think, ever, that I would be this enthusiastic over well priced pork chops but there we go, this is what growing into an adult does to you apparently. 

In particular though, The French Oven.. Oh my, it's like... Pastry-related heaven. And if you're fancying treating your mum to a lovely little afternoon tea for two but are perhaps needing to look after the old bank balance, this place has the perfect thing for you. 

Delivered in a neat little box, are sandwiches, scones, cakes (including the most heavenly Oreo brownie, oh my goodness), sausage rolls and of course, tea bags - the ideal British afternoon tea and what's even better is that you can then take it wherever you wish. 

Maybe you're fancying surprising her at home? Maybe taking a stroll in Jesmond Dene and having a picnic is more you're thing if it's a nice day but I mean, it is Newcastle and only the start of March so...I applaud your positivity, bravo.

Come rain or shine though, Grainger Market will be buzzing with activity this coming Sunday and it'll be a darn shame if you and your beloved mum miss out on, particularly when the food is that good. 

More importantly though, to all the mums out there who've been doing a grand job and continue to do so, WELL DONE AND THANK YOU AND YOU'RE AMAZING AND HAVE A LARGE GLASS OF WINE ON ME. 

For more information on the Mother's Day boxes French Oven Bakery have to offer, click here.

What have you got planned for the mum this weekend?

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