Sunday, 24 April 2016

A weekend in Southwold

It can often be overlooked, the beauty of home, the beauty of the UK. Whilst we're scanning websites for the best deals on weekend breaks in Europe, we can forget that there are beautiful places here, a couple of hours away. Now of course, the weather is a pretty monumental factor in why we lust after travelling somewhere, anywhere, where you can rid yourself of coats, hats, gloves and thermals and walk along a street without scurrying into the nearest pub for warmth (nothing else but warmth, obviously).

I mean, we've seen this week what happens in England when the sun comes out. Beer sales rising, people whacking out the sunglasses and shorts and the balmy temperatures of... 12 degrees. Even if, packing for a weekend away in Southwold, saw the sun out and decided I didn't need a coat, nope, who needs a coat near the coast in the middle of April, not me, that's who. (I did need a coat. I did almost freeze to death. I did regret my decision wholeheartedly.)

With or without a coat though, Southwold, situated along the East coast of England, is a really lovely little place. Cute tea shops, quaint pubs, fish and chips fit for the Queen and a whole shop dedicated to cheese (is that the sound of heaven I hear?), it has a little something for everyone, and having visited on a family trip with 12 people and 3 generations, this can be vouched for. 

Not to be painfully British and to constantly talk about the weather but...the first day of our weekend break, was pretty grim, with a lot of rain falling for much of the day. But what is the perfect thing to do when a 'beach day' couldn't look less appealing if it tried? Cream tea, and lots of it!

There are quite a few different places you can venture for cream tea in Southwold, and we decided to visit Squires of Southwold, which, offering two scones, lots of jam and cream alongside a lovely pot of steaming hot tea, is highly recommended. 

Much of the exploring took place on Sunday, where we first spent a relaxing morning in one of the infamous beach huts...

...and took full advantage of the gorgeous weather... in really took advantage...

...and what's a day on the beach in England without a trip to the local bakery for aaaaalll the coffee and a whole lotta food? The Two Magpies Bakery really is filled with some pretty special treats so if you're a foodie like me, get yourself over there pronto.

Of course, some of the most infamous sights in Southwold are the beautifully kept beach huts facing the coast as well as the lighthouse...

...not forgetting the pier!

You know, it gets real tiring partaking in an entire weekend of doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking and chatting so what better way to end a short break away?

Duh...more food.

It's nice sometimes, to just get away, breathe and stop. To stop doing, to stop working, to just stop. I forget sometimes that everyone needs a little break sometimes, that life can't always be lived in fifth gear, constantly racing from here to there to everywhere. It's just nice to relax and laugh and drink and eat, in completely different surroundings, in a place that feels like home but most definitely isn't. There's something so relaxing about watching the choppy, angry looking, waves crashing onto the shore, over and over again, it's cheap therapy ('something needs to be' screams my poorly looking bank balance..).

So yep, Southwold really did the trick in recharging the ole batteries. Which basically translates as eating scones ladened with jam and cream and more jam and more cream, all day, every day. But it definitely did the trick...

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  1. I lovr Southwold, especially the weird and wonderful pier! Fab post!

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