Friday, 29 April 2016

Eating in the North East - Cabana & Lola Jeans

So it's almost May and it's snowing and it was January about 5 minutes ago but okay it's almost May...and it's snowing...and I for one, am coping with that very well, as you can tell.


I swear January lasted about 6 years and February, March and April combined have lasted all of 7 minutes? I mean, is it me or is 2016 tricking us? Cheeky little so and so.

Whilst I'm struggling to come to terms with all this brand new information that time, does in fact, move on, I've been turning to my comfort, my one true love, the thing that never has, and I know never will, let me down...and that is food.

I'm not a fan of cooking because I have to buy the food and then prepare and make it and wait for it to cook (whilst consuming half a block of cheese) and it's all just an inconvenience to the activity I enjoy most of all, eating.

Isn't it a good job then, that the gorgeous people at Cabana and Lola Jean's, have invited me to try out all the food (and drink, because what's a girl to do), at two rather fabulous launch parties over the last week.

Cabana, located next to The Gate in Newcastle city centre, decided to celebrate their new branch opening just last Monday with a party and oh boy, did they celebrate in style.

With cocktails flowing all night long, prosecco on tap and the chance to try some of their most popular dishes from their menu, it was pretty much my ideal night. Not that I drank much, you know me... Wait, are those pigs flying overhead?

Amongst the the free flowing drinks, we somehow found ourselves sat next to a famous footballer and of course I knew exactly who it was. YesIdidyesIdidYesIdid, okay I didn't but I mean,  you can't know everyone can you? 

Anyway,  what I do know, is that the food is really really great, and in particular, I recommend the Spicy Malagueta Chicken which isn't...spicy. As in, not even the slightest bit spicy and just to make sure the cocktails were stronger than I thought and I could no longer feel spice (is that a thing?), I got my friend who like spice about as much as a swift punch to the face, and she agreed, it was not spicy. But whilst it may be quite bizarrely named, it is Good with a capital G, full stop. Like really good. Like I want some right here, right now... Okay, getting too into chicken talk, let's move on. 

After withdrawal symptoms from Cabana (I know you're feeling very sorry for me but don't worry,  I'm okay), a little email from a certain Lola Jeans was exactly what was needed to get the ole tummy grumbling with happiness again and man oh man oh man, did it grumble. 

With a Lady Eleanor cocktail (prosecco, yay!) and calamari to start, I wasn't sure if I'd entered heaven right then and there or whether this really how I was spending my evening but then the food just kept on coming...and coming...and coming. 

From chicken parmigiana, which had a parmesan breaded breast of chicken topped with homemade Napoli sauce and mozzarella, to surf and turf skewers with a big fat juicy king prawn which was just an absolute 10/10, to baja fish tacos, it was all incredible. Including the uniquely topped Jamie P Sullivan, which, with juicy beef patties, cheese, rump steak, and onions in a creamy steak sauce and red onion jam, was pretty much a foodie's dream. Srsly.

If you hadn't already guessed, their new menu has most definitely got my seal of approval and I mean, really, what else do you need...? A lot more? Okay, rude.

I'm now so hungry that I'm going to need to raid my empty kitchen shelves and proceed to go out for food.

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