Sunday, 17 April 2016

Travelling the world: 2016/17 plans

Since I was 14, I've always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to go travelling. When, in my early teens, I could be found scribbling down notes on exactly how I could save up £1000 from a  £5 an hour waitress weekend job  (bless me and my maths thinking I could go travelling with a grand), I don't think I ever imagined sitting here, with flights booked, plans made and a one way ticket round the world with mine and my best friend's name on it, less than 30 days away.

It's always seemed so long away. It's always been my dream. Yet actually, only in the past couple of years, has it become a reality, something that actually could and is happening. I've worked hard and I've saved the money which has given me the opportunity to take this year out for myself, to go to the places I've dreamt about visiting, but only is it now, only is it over the past couple of days, that is has become real.

I'm actually going, and it's no longer months and years away, it's next month. A countdown has begun and holy bloody crap, I am scared. Scared, but so ridiculously, insanely, incredibly, unbelievably excited that I'm not sure I'll sleep properly for the next month!

Of course, I'll be taking my little piece of the internet on the journey with me, and will be blogging throughout the trip which will hopefully provide you with hints, tips, advice and a whole dose of travelling inspiration. With this, I thought I would share with you the places we're intending on visiting and if you have any recommendations for things to do, see and visit in any of the places I mention, please leave them in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

Source - Tom Harrison photography
First stop - 2 months
South Africa
Possibly the place I am most excited to visit, the first stop on our backpacking adventure is South Africa. Flying into Cape Town, the intention is to stay there for around 5-6 weeks, before travelling along the Garden Route, which takes you to a number of different places along the Southern coast of South Africa, until we reach Port Elizabeth. We are then spending a few days there, before flying to Johannesburg for a long weekend.

Source - Jakarta Girl
Second stop - 3 weeks 
Flying from Johannesburg, we're making our second stop Bali in Indonesia, where we will spend
3 weeks. We are planning on exploring solely Bali, and will be making stops at Seminyak, Ubud, Uluwatu and Jimbaran Bay.

Third stop - 7 months
We're going Down Under! Having taken advice from many an experienced backpacker, we haven't particularly planned Australia apart from the places we know we want to visit. Flying into Perth, we will possibly be spending around a month there, before heading up to Cairns, working there, and then  spend 4-6 weeks travelling down the Golden Coast before reaching Melbourne around November. Sydney is the plan for New Year's Eve, which will just be incredible.

Source - The World We Live In
Fourth stop - 2 months
New Zealand
Having seen and heard so much about the beauty of New Zealand, it would be a crime to go that part of the world and not visit. The plan is to spend March and April 2017 (omg) there.

Fifth (possible) stop
It was previously an absolute certainty that we would finish our year in Japan however this really, is now dependant on the amount we work, and the amount of dollar we have left because it certainly isn't a cheap backpacking destination, particularly when my friend and I will eat all of the sushi, ever made in the entire country once we're there.

Come at me May 17th, I'm ready to get on that plane.

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  1. I don't think you understand how incredibly jealous of you I am! I definitely want to do something like this once I leave uni next year. How long did it take you to save up? And how much did you save? Sorry for all the questions haha x

  2. Hi Natalie! As I was a student, I had a part time job throughout the term and then worked full time in the summer so it has taken me around 3 years to save up £9000. I'll be working once I get to Australia too x

    1. Oh wow :) quite a bit then! Thanks for letting me know, can't wait to read about it! Have an amazing time! xx

  3. Flying from Johannesburg, we're making our second stop Bali in Indonesia, where we will spend
    3 weeks.

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