Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Diary entry #3 - Karaoke, hostel change & whole lotta history

This Wednesday marks three weeks since we touched down in Cape Town and to be honest, it feels like about three years, in a good way of course. I really feel like the last few weeks have been in slow motion, and whilst we've done so much in the time we've been here, with never a dull moment in sight, we seem to have settled here really quickly. Always a good sign...

The last week has been pretty chilled (not that any of them have been a particular hardship so far) and   having started the week off at the Two Oceans Aquarium, I can now safely say that I will spend the next 3 weeks finding any excuse ever to be created in the entire world so that I don't have to go swimming with sharks because oh my lord, the ones we saw in that place were practically tadpoles compared to the great whites I'm having the unfortunate pleasure of spending time with. I particularly enjoy someone explaining to me a few days ago to make sure my feet stay within the cage because 'it's easy for them to slip out and who knows what will happen'. Thank you, for that. 

The Aquarium is a nice place to go and spend a few hours, with a penguin enclosure, loads of, and they even have a sassy turtle who only plays ball and comes into view when there's the chance of food, girl after my own heart right there.

An innocent trip to the Aquarium, somehow came to result in us finding ourselves in a karaoke bar at 11pm at night and, unfortunately for those around me, prosecco (and some gentle persuasion from Rosie) led us to be singing my all time fave song, Crazy in Love by Queen B, in front of around 30-40 people, which is perhaps the least me thing to do on this entire planet, apart from like, choosing to eat a salad. But it happened, and the most frightening thing was that I couldn't hear a single note of what I was singing, so, you're welcome Cape Town, you are truly welcome.

On Wednesday, we changed hostels from The Backpack to Atlantic Point and to be honest, we were so so glad to leave. It was a really strange vibe, with it seeming to be confused whether it wants to be a hostel or a hotel and so eager to leave, we actually managed to somehow check out an entire day too early.

Yay for our brains and organisation.

After a particularly chilled out Thursday, we decided to tick a few more things we wanted to do off the list, including visiting the District 6 museum, which works to remember those who were forcibly removed from the area in the apartheid era. It seems incomprehensible that just 50 years ago, that area, and many others, was declared a 'white area', with those that were not white (around 60,000 in District 6), banished from the district and sent to completely start over, some with just a suitcase of belonging, out on the Cape Flats, with their whole community flattened. The museum is currently campaigning for the South African government to declare District 6 a National Heritage Site and I really hope they become recognised as this as it's a really interesting memorial, with accessible and easy to understand information for all ages.

From one place rich in history, to another, we then walked through the city, to the colourful area of Bo-Kaap. Situated at the foot of Signal Hill above the city centre, the former township is home to Cape Town's Muslim community, and is now known for its stunning brightly coloured buildings. We went on a walking tour around the area, in order to gain actual real life knowledge about the history of the community, instead of just walking round taking photos of the colourful buildings, incredible as they may be.

But I mean, learning is thirsty work, so the only thing to do after visiting both District 6 and Bo-Kaap was to grab a coffee at a chocolate cafe. Mmmhhmm, an actual chocolate coffee. Is there anything that could sound more perfect? Apart from if Harry Styles was permanently in the chocolate cafe? Nope, didn't think so.

After exploring a little more around the city centre, we decided that with it being such a stunning day, we'd head to the coast, have a cheeky lil game of crazy golf and watch the sunset. We really worked for that sunset though because you know Seapoint needs more of? Bars. We practically walked miles, and I'm not even exaggerating (okay maybe a tad) to find some kind of establishment that sells alcohol...  My feet were almost burning and I know for a fact, you feel extremely sorry for me. Particularly when the walk consisted and concluded with these views...

Saturday saw us visit Woodstock, for the Neighbourgoods Market at The Old Biscuit Mill which consists of the best looking and smelling food you could ever wish for. Ever, ever, ever. I do wonder on a daily basis why weight isn't practically dropping off me in a) warm weather and b) with the amount of time not sat down in front of a laptop screen like I would be in the UK... and then I remember that I constantly surround myself with food that would basically be a crime if it was left untouched. I mean, LOOK AT THESE RIBS (maybe don't if you're a vegetarian)... Ribs > weight loss.

As if this week hadn't been relaxing enough, Sunday's weather called for a day sunbathing on Camps Bay beach and I'm now aware that everyone wants to poke me in the eyes so I'll stop there...

p.s it was v relaxing.

p.p.s sorry

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  1. i am quite envious of you but i also enjoy reading your posts. it is lovely to see you have such a good time. lets just hope i get to go soon too


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