Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Diary entry #4 - Wine, wine and a little more wine

If this past week had been any more relaxed, I think I would've stopped breathing. Thankfully for us all, I'm still alive and well (because what would you do without these incredibly insightful posts?) but yep, we've really settled into the Cape Town life well.

Almost too well.

You see, we're leaving in two weeks and I just don't want to go. I'm perhaps being incredibly greedy as I've been lucky enough to be able to stay in Cape Town for 6 weeks and really, depending on how the EU referendum goes back home, this place could perhaps become my new home...


The start of last week consisted of a full day wine tour. Mmmhmm, you read that right - they actually allowed me on a full day...of drinking wine and as you can imagine, it ended super well.

Visiting four different wine estates throughout the day in the area of Stellenbosch, our first stop was Spiel Wine Farm, where we were able to choose five different wines to sample...at 10am. Whilst it seemed somewhat strange to be sipping on a Chardonnay that early in the morning, somehow, I managed to quickly get into the swing of things which is a real surprise to us all, isn't it. A real shocker.

I know I should be able to tell you about all the different wines I tried, that they smelt like the fields of Cape Town and are most suitable with a rare steak on a summers day...but I can't.

I tried to smell them like the lovely staff member was telling us too but...I just smelt wine. I tried to swill it round and do whatever you have to do to air it but...I ended up almost spilling it all over the table.

Sorry, is that every single wine estate in Stellenbosch calling to ban me from ever returning for being so fundamentally uncultured?

As anyone would after trying 11 wines by 12pm, the third stop was brandy and honestly, the less said about that the better, particularly the 12 year old one we tried. I have actual shudders shooting down my spine at the thought of it.

After lunching with my new four-legged friend, trying another few wines, beers, cheese and ice cream, it's safe to say I was perhaps the least bikini body ready human in Cape Town and subsequently...

I was in bed asleep by 8. Not kidding, moving on.

The rest of the week was pretty chilled, and after one last day spent on the beach, South Africa's winter seems to have set in with a whole lot of wind and rain coming down on Cape Town which basically means a tour of some of this city's best coffee shops has begun.

It's a really hard life.

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