Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hostel review - Atlantic Point Backpackers, Cape Town

Choosing the right hostel can be one heck of a challenge, and one that can really impact on your experience of the place you're visiting. Cape Town has a huge range of hostels for the avid traveller in you, and whether you're visiting on a pretty tight budget or you're all about splashing out the dollar bills on a little bit of luxury, you will definitely find the perfect place for you in this incredible city.

Atlantic Point Backpackers, situated in Green Point, is a fun and sociable hostel and is pretty much the perfect place to chill out, make friends and bank a whole lot of memories. My friend and I stayed for just under a month at Atlantic Point in the month of June 2016 and it's safe to say that we really couldn't have had a better time, in both the hostel and the city.

When staying in a hostel, there are a few things which really are essential, including clean showers, reliable wifi and a good nights sleep and whilst this may seem obvious, some places just don't get this right - thankfully, Atlantic Point aren't one of them.

Staying in one of their 8 bed dorms which was tidied daily, the room was fully equipped with a personal reading light, a locker with a plug socket inside (perfect for charging up laptops and phones securely when out and about) as well as a heater and ceiling fan, dependant on the time of year you find yourself there.

Source - Atlantic Point
Due to being in Cape Town for almost 7 weeks (and yet still we didn't want to leave!) and at Atlantic Point for 5 weeks (and yet still we didn't want to leave!), we decided to move to a private room in the later stages, not because of any problems we faced, but more the fact we were hankering after a little bit of luxury.

For us, it was the perfect room and whilst you could easily become much less social with fellow hostel members, it gave you the choice to have some time alone if you so wished for it. Like the dorms, the private rooms are cleaned daily and have the ultimate luxury of your own bathroom and actual real life, non micro-fibre towels... Lush!

Despite seemingly thinking that calories consumed internationally don't count and therefore eating out pretty much every night, we did sometimes have to listen to our poor internal organs who were pleading for us to cook and eat something green and step our toe into the kitchen (ugh). Thankfully for the health of both body and bank account, Atlantic Point has a large, fully equipped kitchen which can be used all day, and is also where breakfast (included in the room price) is served.

One of the most important aspects, which really can make or break your experience in a hostel, is the social factor and whilst the previous hostel we stayed at in Cape Town failed miserably, Atlantic Point should receive an A*. With an in-hour tour company enabling you to see the sights of Cape Town and the surrounding areas with your fellow dorm mates (highly recommend the wine tour!), a fab communal lounge area and a weekly braii night, you are encouraged, and given ample opportunity, to socialise and make friends in a really fun atmosphere.

Whilst we were in Cape Town in their cooler months, Atlantic Point has you covered if you find yourself there in the midst of their summer with a spacious garden area, a small pool and even a mini golf area for all you Rory McIlroy's out there!

Overall, Atlantic Point is a fab place to stay whilst you explore the beauty of Cape Town and I really couldn't recommend it more.

Convinced you to book a night or three there or just want some more info? No worries, just click here.

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