Friday, 2 September 2016

10 favourite travelling moments (so far!)

After I posted a rather sad blog post a few days ago, I didn't want to leave it too long before updating this little space, partly because I wanted to say you're all ace and thank you for being so nice and so understanding but also because... I am actually having the best time of my life, I promise. When travelling for this amount of time, there are going to be tough moments and I'm beginning to accept that it's okay to reach out a little and admit that so, all is good, all will be okay.


Negative Nancy is being put away in her box for a while because wow, oh wow, what a four months it has been. From climbing big huge mountains that made me want to die a little bit at the time but cry with happiness once completed, to being approximately 3 seconds away from being leapt on by an actual real life leopard (I mean we were with a guide but what's he going to do? Ring 999?) to clinking glasses of prosecco at sunset and waking up the next morning wondering what an earth happened last night (obviously only very occasionally because you know me, not a big drinker...), it's been eventful. Really eventful.

Here are my 10 favourite travelling moments, so far...

1.Climbing Table Mountain

Climbing Table Mountain is without a doubt my biggest achievement on this trip, and probably in life (forget the degree, it was fuelled by chocolate, tea and 3 gallons of wine a day), because if you know me, you know that I am about as suited to exercise as Jeremy Corbyn is to being Prime Minister of the UK. I don't like it, I don't understand it and I don't do it, so setting off on a 3 hour hike which is so insanely steep I thought I was going to vomit at one point and give up, was an achievement in itself, never mind actually completing it.

Who needs a cable cart? Not this gal... apart from going down because please don't think after a hike and 1 to 5 glasses of champagne (it was a celebration of life and health) that I was about to start walking down the big huge thing. Peeerleeeasseeeeeee.

2. Wine tasting in Stellenbosch

Drinking wine, or should I say, seriously tasting the fruity textures of wine, is my favourite hobby wherever I may be in the world so this day trip to Stellenbosch was pretty much my idea of actual heaven itself. Wine for breakfast, wine for lunch, wine for tea - what more could one ask for?

3. Feeding and meeting elephants at the Knsyna Elephant Sanctuary

There aren't many times in your life that you can say you've had a group of cheeky elephants pinching vegetables straight from your hand and then stand and wait to be patted and fussed, is there. However, on a guided tour at the Knsyna Elephant Sanctuary, this actually happened and it was just the best experience you could ask for. They truly are stunning animals and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have gotten so close to them.

4. Watching the sunset on Jimbaran Bay beach

*alert, alert* A moment NOT in South Africa, I repeat, a favourite travelling moment that is NOT in South Africa. Whilst Bali was a funny old few weeks for my friend and I, with a few places we visited being rather underwhelming, one place that wasn't was Jimbaran Bay. After an amazing meal which consisted of aaall of the fresh seafood including lobster, crab, clams and prawns, we watched the sunset over a beverage or two and it was just, perfect.

5. Exploring Johannesburg

Johannesburg was the place I had been most apprehensive about visiting out of everywhere we had planned to go and yet now, it is one of the places I'm the most desperate to go back and visit. Exploring the inner city with a tour guide was an experience I'll never forget, from visiting local residential areas and eating local foods to soaring up the tallest skyscraper in Africa (don't worry mum, it was in a lift). I'm so happy that I left my preconceived ideas behind and went in with completely open eyes because now I can happily say that it is one of the best places I've visited on this trip so far.

6. Sunset boat cruise to Knysna Heads 

The caption pretty much sums this moment up because really, can it get better than a boat cruise, at sunset, accompanied with a bottle of prosecco and utterly stunning views around the harbour of Knsyna? It can't really, can it...

7. Chilling out in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne

Melbourne is a really fabulous city, and whilst I haven't been here long and have been a tad preoccupied with job hunting and being miserable because of unsuccessful job hunting, there hasn't been a huge amount of sight seeing. One place that I have visited though, just to chill out, relax, and read my book with a coffee in tow was the Royal Botanical Gardens and oh boy, it's not a bad view is it....

8. Food. Generally. Everywhere.

Honestly, it really, truly blows my mind how I am not currently sat writing this post, 23 stone heavier than when I first took off from the UK in May. Technically, it's not actually my fault because when you visit places, you have to sample their foods, and you have to experience their best and most tasty cafes and restaurants so I really haven't had a choice in the matter. Not one.

9. Hiking in Robberg Nature Reserve 

Is this the actual real life Charlotte Hall writing this post because in my top 10 favourite moments I have included two actual hikes that I did in real life??? This one wasn't a teeny tiny patch on Table Mountain exertion wise, thank the Lord above us, but the scenery was stuuunning.

(I know I'm an adult now by the amount of times I've said 'scenery' and 'views' in this post because pre-teenage me would've scoffed at the thought of looking at 'the scenery' and got back to playing on my Nintendo).

10. Visiting Boulders Beach

Actual penguins on an actual beach! What a better way to finish off this post than with the surreal moment I saw about 100 little penguins sitting back and relaxing on the white sanded beach, with a few even going for a quick dip in the sea. Totally surreal, completely amazing.

Here's to the next 4 months...


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  1. You look like you are having an amazing time! Those penguins on the beach are adorable!!

    1. I really, really am! Aren't they the cutest, was amazing xxx


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