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5 amazing things to do in Bali

Oh Bali, the paradise island, with its crystal blue waters, white sanded beaches and the only worry being where the next cocktail is coming from... or something like that. It's safe to say I have a few mixed feelings about Bali, so much so that I was unsure whether to even write this post in fear of being a tad hypocritical but aside from the constant honking taxi horns which at times made me want to prod someone (softly) in the eye and Ubud, basically as a whole (controversial I know), I did enjoy my time there and I even got an actual tan. Completely and utterly unheard of.


Things to do in Bali.

Well let me start off, with a disclaimer if you will, by firstly saying, my friend and a drink or three so whilst some may prefer to spend their dollar on diving into a pit of sharks, playing sport in 642 degree heat (it FELT like that okay) or even something normal like...surfing, we did not and yep, alright, fine, we spent most of our money on alcohol. So SUE us.

What we also enjoyed doing was laying down therefore if you do not like to lay down, drink alcohol or eat, this is perhaps going to be possibly the least helpful post you could wish to read. However, if you DO enjoy those things, well get yourself a cup of coffee with a shot of brandy and a Curly Wurly chocolate bar because you my friend, are in for a treat...

1. Relax luxuriously at Sundays Beach Club

This place is just the ultimate dream. On arrival at the club, you ride the cliffside inclinater down to the beach where you are met with the most stunning turquoise sea you ever could wish for. You are assigned a bed, a menu and a waiter, are free to use the snorkelling and diving equipment and can stay as long as you wish. There are happy hours throughout the afternoon, making the final bill a little less painful and as the sun begins to set, a small bonfire is lit with beanbags scattered around it to enjoy an espresso martini or two after dark. The entry/sunbed fee is Rp300,000 (£18) and you have 150,000 of that charge as credit to spend on food and drink.

I recommend getting there pretty earlier, probably between 9 and 10am to ensure you get a sun bed looking out onto the sea, or if you don't particularly fancy sand getting all up in your grill all the live long day, you can opt to take a bed by the pool at the top of the cliff with stunning views out onto the ocean.

When you think of paradise, you think of this place.

2. Spend a day on Jimbaran Beach

In your mind, what do you think of when you envisage Bali? White sanded beaches? Crystal blue waters? The odd fishing boat bobbing out to sea and an adventurous surfer speeding in? Well, whilst you aren't going to find that everywhere in Bali, you can be sure that you'll find it at Jimbaran beach. It is the ultimate place to sunbathe in Bali, in my humble opinion.

3. Watch the sunset with a cocktail at The Rock bar

Not a place that your bank balance is going to thank you for, but a place that would be silly to miss out on when in Jimbaran Bay. Named as one of the best... in Bali, it's certainly a treat on the eyes on arrival, although a slightdagger to the heart when you remember you aren't actually staying at the resort - it's stuunnniinggggg. As always though, you fake it til you make it and this is exactly what we did as we pretended our Uber taxi was our private driver and The Rock bar was our local... At around £15 a pop for cocktails, it's not somewhere you spend a long time, but you can be sure that it will be a good time.

4. Chill out at Potato Head Beach Club

Seminyak treated us to abysmal weather overall however thankfully, we decided to head to the Potato Head Beach Club and it turned out to be the only sunny day we had there - result! Similarly to Sundays, you are assigned a sun bed (must get there between 9-9:30am as fills up quickly!) and waiter however the draw to this place is the infinity pool, which not only looks straight out onto the beach but also has an actual bar in the actual water, what a dream. For a lounger sun bed which could fit 4 people sitting up, and 2 people lying down, the minimum spend for is Rp 500,000 which is around £30 so if spending the entire day there, is an easy amount to reach.

5. Eat fresh seafood at Lia cafe on the beach at sunset

Along Jimbaran beach, there are a huge range of cafes and restaurants on the beach, with it being pretty much the ultimate place to eat in the area. We opted for Lia cafe, and over a platter of fresh seafood and a Bintang or 3 each, we watched the most stunning sunset. A must do and pretty inexpensive with a platter of lobster, crab, clams and king prawns, as well as 2 Bintang beers coming in at £15 each.

Well, there we have it - I hope you have a few more ideas of what you might like to get up to in Bali. If you're thinking blimey, those prices are a tad steep, I hate to tell you but... Bali as a whole is not cheap and we went quite a lot over ours as we had thought it would be similar to Thailand, South Africa etc... It's not :(

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away down below in the comments or head on over to my Twitter and Facebook pages which of course you're following because you're a little dream, I just know it.

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