Wednesday, 14 September 2016

REVIEW | Space Hotel, Melbourne

Travelling to different countries across the world is one of the best things you can do in your life, and staying in hostels furthers your experiences even more, meeting new and diverse people every single day.


There is a point you get too at times, when sharing a room with 10 other people who are prone to a) snoring so loud you believe there's a thunderstorm outside, b) turning the light on at 6am and starting to chat away on the phone or c) playing Coldplay from their laptop at 3am and playing the guitar (an actual thing that has actually happened and yes, I did want to forcefully pinch him on the arm and rip his instrument in to two) before it gets a little tiresome... 

Perhaps my first piece of advice to anyone who is about to begin their travelling adventures is to budget for times when you need that little bit of luxury and a whole lot of privacy. Or, to stay at a place like Space Hotel, a budget luxury hotel which, whilst has all the facilities of a hostel including a communal kitchen, living room and bar area, also has the qualities of a hotel including modern private and semi-private rooms, as well as a gym, movie room and rooftop area with sun loungers and a hot tub. 

Whilst residing at Space Hotel, we stayed in a four bed, semi-private dorm which had a privacy screen between the two sets of bunkbeds. It's safe to say this is one of the best equipped dorms we have been in in Australia, with only Atlantic Point Backpackers in Cape Town, matching it, with a personal light, shelf and two plug outlets next to the bed (it may seem pretty basic but oh boy do so many hostels get this so wrong). 

The facilities on offer at Space are pretty fabulous, with five exceptionally clean bathrooms on each floor, all with a toilet, sink and shower (if I'm not mistaken in memory, I believe they are cleaned five times a day!). There was a lounge and games area which had a desk area if needing to tap away on your laptop (or actually use a real life pen and paper), a big fitness centre with treadmills and other...gym equipment that I definitely used every single day (...) and even a private movie room with actual real life cinema seating (forget paying $20 for a ticket to the movies). My personal favourite though, was the rooftop seating area, with picnic benches for snacking, sun beds to catch the rays and...a hot tub. 

If looking out at the Melbourne skyline wasn't fabulous enough, you can do it from the comfort of a hot tub at Space, lordy lord, does it get better?

Overall, we had a fabulous time staying at Space Hotel and it fully re-energised us for the next leg of our trip. If I was to be picky, I would say that perhaps the kitchen needs monitoring a little more as there was often dirty pots and pans in the sinks (why grown adults can't clean up after themselves in a communal area I'll never know) and we had our milk taken on our first day which, as tea and coffee addicts, was not good for the mood levels (we survived though, somehow.). 

Aside from that however, I'd say if you were looking for a little bit of luxury which doesn't harm the old bank balance, this has got to be the best around - I couldn't recommend it more. 

- Six bed dorms are $33 per night (as of September 2016)
- Four bed semi-private dorms are $37 per night (as of September 2016)
- Private rooms start from $105 per night (as of September 2016)
For all prices and further information about Space Hotel, click here.

Where is the best place you have stayed on your travels? Let me know below in the comments... 

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*Space Hotel kindly invited me to stay for review purposes however all opinions, as ever, are completely and utterly honest (otherwise, what's the point, hey?).


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