Thursday, 29 December 2016

Favourite moments of 2016

So, we're finally here, where so many are thankful to be - we are finally at the end of 2016. It's certainly been quite the year, and one where I wish Donald Trump would stay but when I enquired about this, apparently that isn't possible. Ridiculous.

Whilst the first world is about to be led by an orange bratty teenager with a wig and an attitude problem, the plan is to keep on keeping on because, well what other choice do we have? It might be better than we think, it might be a whole lot worse but there are so many great people out there doing so many great things that we have to focus on that - as Brendan Cox said 'It has become apparent that tolerance and tolerant societies are only as strong as their defenders. The need to defend tolerance and   fair play isn't someone else's problem.'

When I think back over the year personally, it's been pretty bloody fabulous so I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite moments for my own little noggin if anything, to look back on some day. It's been an absolute diamond so in no order whatsoever, here are my highlights...

1. Graduating with a first in BA Geography from University of Northumbria, Newcastle
Never expected to achieve a first but all that hard work was so incredibly worth it - thanks for everything, Northumbria.

2. Going on safari in the Maasai Mara
An experience I never thought I'd have on this trip but holy moly, what a time for the ole memory bank.

3. Climbing Table Mountain
Wanted to die half way up, moaned the entire time but absolutely sped to the bar at the top - one of, if not the best things I've done. Like ever.

4. Exploring the Kenyan coast with new (and now lifelong) friends
Spending time in complete and utter paradise with complete and utter legends. Also, bloody go to Diani Beach and Watamu, it's BEAUTIFUL yet empty.

5. Getting to know Johannesburg
Possibly my biggest learning curve on this trip was having Johannesburg prove all of my previous perceptions completely wrong - never judge a book by it's cover, hey?

6. The opportunity to work for an incredible charity in Nairobi
That moment where you get tipsy one night in Melbourne and book a flight to Nairobi not having the faintest idea what to expect, only to bump into a group of people who you end up living with for the next 3 months.... Had that before? Having the opportunity then to work for Marafiki Community International doing their marketing, social media and Christmas fundraising was an utter pleasure and a time I've learnt so much from.

7. Travelling down East Coast of Australia
It was a pretty quick trip but we managed to pack in a whole bunch - Port Macquarie in particular, is utter paradise.

8. Reaching the most southern point of the African continent & travelling the coast
From seeing real life penguins on a real life beach and stroking wild elephants, to toasting to life on a sunset cruise, the southern coast of South Africa is completely and utterly stunning and will always be one of the most incredible few weeks of my life.

9. Becoming an auntie 
A new little person who happens to be my niece entered the world in December 2016 by the name Millie Sophia - I'm so in love and I have to patiently wait until Spring to see her beautiful face.

10. Wine tasting in Stellenbosch
An entire day dedicated to drinking some of the best quality wines in the world in the stunning Stellenbosch area - as a particularly passionate wine enthusiast, I couldn't ask for more.

11. Returning to Cape Town
Because how else do you begin a new year but to spend the first 3 months living in Cape Town?

Okay 2017, I'm ready.

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