Thursday, 23 March 2017

5 amazing places to eat in Observatory, Cape Town

For the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of living in Observatory, home to one of the largest residential art communities in South Africa and also named Cape Town’s ‘most bohemian suburb’. Now, I can’t offer you much commentary on ‘the arts’ (like really truly I can offer you very little) however something I can deliver an expert opinion on is great food and where to find it.

Sound interesting?

Mmmhmm, you bet it is.

Obz is home to some great cafes, bars and restaurants and somehow, I’ve managed to put myself through trying out a whole lot of them to give my verdict on my top five places you simply have to visit whilst in the area…

1. Panchos

A Mexican restaurant that boasts great quality food for budget friendly prices in a friendly and warm environment, Panchos won’t disappoint even the fussiest of eaters. If you’re feeling like a hearty plate of nachos or a burrito set to keep you satisfied for approximately three days (no but for real, you choose 2 fillings and it’s…huge!), this is definitely somewhere you need to take a visit. They are also known for their fabulous frozen margaritas so I recommend going all in with a group of friends and ordering a couple of jugs - I can almost bet your bottom dollar you won’t regret it…

2. Honeybun

As my favourite brunch spot in Observatory, you can pretty much assume I can be found in the cosy nook of Honeybun any day of the week. From a fabulous salmon eggs benedict and cappuccinos for breakfast to quirky open sandwich options and frozen fruit smoothies for lunch, this quaint little cafe along Lower Main Road is a solid choice for any foodies out there. 

3. Obz Cafe

This place is one of the most infamous restaurants in Observatory - known for their fabulous pizzas, great burgers (oooo mama, the nacho burger is a stunner!|) and it’s chilled out vibe, Obz Cafe is a popular choice among those in the know around the area. 

4. Cocoa Cha Chi

A little walk along Lower Main Road will take you to Cocoa Chi, a classy spot for any time of the day. Whilst a lot of the restaurants in Obz Cafe are pretty loud and lead you to Stone’s (a pool bar open until 3am, say no more), Cocoa Chi is the place to go for a catch up with friends over a bottle of wine and stunning food at affordable prices. (Don’t miss out on their incredible Monday offer of R49 pasta dishes!)

5. Jerry’s

Burger lovers rejoice - you have found your heaven! Jerry’s Burger Bar is pretty self explanatory - it’s known for it’s deliciously juicy burgers and so they should be because holy moly, you won’t find much better anywhere else. From the original beef burger with no frills attached to the ‘drunken chicken’ (aka a whole lot of tequila involved) and the 7 deadly sinners which have a heap of flavoursome goods stuffed between two (yep, seriously) patties, there’s something for even the most daring of burger eaters.

So there we have it - five of my favourite places to eat (far too much) at in Observatory… What are your favourite spots in the suburb? I’d love to hear about your hidden gems!

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