Sunday, 18 June 2017

REVIEW | Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar, Melville

It isn't a secret that brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day and it's safe to say that I've become quite the mid morning meal connoisseur - tough job but someone's gotta do it. Whilst Johannesburg is known for it's buzzing creative scene, it's vibrant energy and in particular, it's friendly people, the hustling city is quickly becoming a trendy hot spot for stunning cafes, restaurants and bars.

From sipping quality coffee at hip cafe, The Father in Braamfontein to sampling sushi with an African twist at The Blackanese in Maboneng, the city of Johannesburg's food scene is becoming very exciting, very quickly.

As one of our favourite cities in the world, we decided there was only one place we could be for the last week of our year long trip, and for Rosie's 25th birthday and so on the hunt for the perfect brunch spot,  I found Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar and immediately knew this was the place to kick off the day of celebrations.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar, situated in the suburb of Melville, is, if you hadn't guessed already, an egg themed restaurant and a place that brunch addicts go to heaven. Whether you're looking for a traditional egg and soldiers with a modern twist or want to try something a little different and sample their infamous shakshuka, this place has it all.

The menu is packed to the rafters with diverse and unique dishes, so much so, that you're almost definitely going to need to ask for 'a few more minutes' from the waiter because there is so much damn choice that all sounds too damn good!

With a bottle of bubbles on the table because duh, it was a celebration of 25 years of life, I decided on the Yemeni flat bread with Israeli salad and hummus, served with boiled eggs sprinkled with olive oil and origanum. It was utterly, utterly stunning and easily one of the best dishes I tried on the whole trip.

Birthday girl, Rosie went for the traditional eggs and soldiers which, with a unique twist was served with bacon wrapped asparagus spears and grated parmesan on rye or sourdough bread. From the complete lack of food on our plates at the end of the meal, it's safe to say that both dishes went down an absolute treat!

Whilst the food was incredible, the service was also really great with our waiter being extremely attentive and definitely supporting our mid morning drinking... The restaurant itself is pretty 50s themed with 'industrial art-deco touches' - the central bar station a stand out feature - and the original heritage features such as the marble flooring has been retained and polished up.

However you like your eggs in the morning (I think I'm so punny) (no but really), Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar is certainly a must try if you are in the edgy area of Melville. With great food, fantastic drinks and a relaxed atmosphere, there's little surprise that it is quickly becoming one of the most talked about eateries around.

The only downside is that we didn't get to sample any of their infamous cocktails - we just might have to go back again...

Have you given Pablo's a visit yet? Where are your favourite places to eat in Joburg?

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