Wednesday, 5 July 2017


When I was a teenager, I always said I’d move to London (I SO wanted to start that with one of arguably Gwen Stefani’s most sophisticated lines, ‘when I was a rich girl’ however that would’ve been a lie and set this post off to a strange start but ah, here we are, I can’t help myself, I did it). I really did though – I would watch programmes on the television and videos online, I’d read about the rich and the famous, would take in the hustle and bustle on special trips and indulge in visiting the fanciest places and think to myself ‘THIS is it, THIS is where I’ll be when I’ve really made it’.

Because, obviously, when you live in London you’re super rich and drink champagne morning, noon and night. You drive fancy cars and wear expensive clothes, greet everyone with 2 kisses and a ‘ohh dahhhhhling, how ARE you’ and smoke, glamorously, like a chimney. Looking back now, I don’t know whether to be worried or proud that I’ve had a lifelong ambition to become the real life, Ab Fab…

@ Trafalgar Square
Whilst it might just be a teeny tiny bit less glamorous than what 14 year old me daydreamed about, you know, think more 8 quid prosecco from Sainsbury’s Local before a night out than Moet in your cornflakes, I always knew that if and when I came back to the UK after travelling, I’d make the move to the capital.

And I did!

It’s been a funny few weeks really – everything happened in such a blur. One minute I was popping down to have a few days exploring a few of the boroughs with my best mate and quite literally, the next day, we both had jobs. Neither of us could really believe it and I genuinely think it only hit us a few days ago when we realised, ‘ohhhhh, this London commuting thing really is…a thing, isn’t it!’

I feel really lucky. To have come back from the most incredible, life changing trip and have the opportunity to move, pretty much, straight down to what many quite rightly believe is the best city in the world. With anything I suppose, it’s a little overwhelming and I really believe this rings even truer after the trip I’ve just taken. It’s almost like I’m playing living in the real world at the moment, like I’m on the Sims where the character ‘gets a job and goes to work’ – I just reeeally hope the person feeds and puts me to bed without setting me on fire in the process.

@ Lights of Soho
I’m ready though, I’m ready to see what London has to offer. I’m ready to see what gets people hooked so much so that try as they might to leave, they always end up coming back for more. I’m becoming increasingly #worried at the quantity of new restaurants and food and bars and cafes because we all know from my time in Newcastle that this girl excuses her overindulgences purely for ‘content creation’ and both my waistline and my bank balance do not thank me for it.

Technically, it’s your guys fault though as if you didn’t read this blog then there’d be no excuse to eat so much so…where should I send my bill? I could just send you my Paypal deets and have it over with? No ... no takers?

I jest.

@ Brick Lane
I’m SO excited to be here and even as I’m writing this I just know it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. It’s been a strange and sometimes, miserable, time this past couple of months settling back into a life of routine after so much incredible and liberating freedom but really, I couldn't wish for any better than what is happening right now.

A life in London... And here we go.

Do you have any fabulous restaurants and bars that you think I just absolutely HAVE to go too? You do? Well pop on down to the comments or come have a chat on Twitter and let me know about them...

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