Thursday, 10 August 2017

REVIEW // Brush & Bubbles, London

Creativity is something that comes so naturally to some, ideas and inspiration bounce off the walls of the brain, an artistic streak quite literally, runs through the body. It can relax and destress a person, excite and fulfill them - creativity, for many, is what keeps them going, keeps them hustling.

Now, I like to think of myself as creative, I mean hey, I’m like totally creating content over here, however when it comes to an artistic streak, when it comes to holding an actual paintbrush in my actual human hand, I have about as much talent as a wounded deer.

And that’s actually an insult to the poor deer.


Holding a paintbrush is quite the unnatural activity for me however holding a glass brimming with prosecco is pretty much what my hands were made for so when my BFF told me about a ‘Brush and Bubbles’ class in London, I simply had to give it go.

I envisaged myself sat there, blank canvas in front of me with brush in my left hand, fizz in my right and with one sip, I would paint something so wondrous, so magical, that people around me would marvel, oh how they’d marvel at my talents.

And then I woke up and remembered that I can’t bloody paint so what the flipping flip was I thinking signing up to an art class?

Brush and Bubbles is described as an art class which ‘brings people together and encourages creativity’. It is about meeting up with friends, having a good old chat whilst painting and, well, drinking and honestly, it was just a really lovely day.

The class begins with the two lovely ladies, Lara and Tiffany, meeting everyone with huge, friendly smiles and a glass of prosecco. Run by a resident artist and over a period of 2 and a half hours, you are given step by step instructions on how to create your very own gorgeous canvas painting and it’s so much fun!

When you are first shown what the finished piece will look like, you hear the nervous giggles and the exhaling of air which can basically be translated as ‘how the bloody hell am I, a person with no artistic talent, meant to create THAT’. Fear not though, and seriously don’t be put off, because the steps are simple, the teaching is super relaxed and it actually doesn’t matter whether you’re set to be the next Van Gogh or if the only use you can conjure up of a brush is to sweep the floor - the ladies really do mean it when they say ‘no experience necessary’.

Source - Rosie Willan
No pictures please, no meet and greets...

Source - Brush and Bubbles

The hustle and bustle of London can be intense sometimes - great but intense - and this was just the perfect way to relax and wind down after a long week. Whether it be your own #treatyourself present, a birthday gift or simply a new and different thing to try out with friends, I couldn’t recommend spending a few hours at a Brush and Bubbles class more. With a glass of fizz in hand and a paintbrush in the other, with the freedom to chat to those around you or take some time for yourself to just chill and create, it really is a fun, relaxing and unique experience - and hey, it’s a whole lot cheaper than therapy!
Where are the classes held?
I attended the class at View94 in Putney however they also hold classes in Covent Garden & Chelsea.

When are the classes held?
They are currently held on a Saturday, with one session 11am-1:30pm and the other 2:30pm-5pm.

How much is it?
The price of the class is £29.99 which includes a glass of prosecco, unlimited paint (!) and your very own canvas art to take home with you.

To book tickets or get more information, click here.

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