Saturday, 16 September 2017

Eating in London #8 - Four to Eight, Covent Garden

As I sit down to write this, I feel like I need to take some long and deep breaths - in through the nose…and out through the mouth - because wowza, looking back over the last few weeks, London has been testing. I haven’t particularly alluded to a huge amount on my social media, mainly because I tend to use this blog to word vomit my thoughts and feelings and Twitter for my political musings aka hating on Trump and Brexit, but yep, London has been serving up some curveballs. Over the past month I’ve been applying and applying…and applying some more for jobs, left a job I had and after a few days of unemployment, the working Gods decided enough was enough and landed me with a role I really wanted. 

So YAY, but phewwwwwwwwwww.

In amongst this, and seriously, it could not have come at a better time, I was invited to try out the new brunch menu at Four to Eight in Covent Garden and erm, I’m not an utter fool so of course I jumped at the chance! 

Brunch + me = as good a match as Gemma Collins + memes.

When you think of a brunch menu, you think eggs, you think avocado (you know you have, it’s okay, we can be basic together), you think of that Instagram flat lay and yawn, yep, another day in London, another brunch. Like many cafes across the capital though, Four to Eight have said (well I don’t actually know if they have said but I’m making a strong ole assumption) that enough is enough of the same old, same old and, with minimal ingredients, have innovated their offering to create a unique and luxurious menu fit for the royals. 

And if it’s good enough for Kate, it’s good enough for me.

We decided to take a unique route ourselves with the menu and ordered a whole lot of things involving…boards. As well as a selection of warm bread, we ordered the cheese selection which came with five Italian cheeses on a bed of crackers as well as  a salumi selection which had an assortment of three cured meats. In addition to this because obviously that doesn’t sound like enough for two women of total heights of 5ft3, we ordered the prawn and vegetable tempura which was in the end, and in my own humble opinion, a fabulous choice to accompany ‘the boards’.

Quite literally one hour after the food had arrived, we still found ourselves grazing away because oh boy, the portion sizes were quite something and of course, I have no self-control so couldn't stop eating. Accompanying these unbelievable generous portions of food, was of course, a cocktail or three and I swear on the last bottle of prosecco on this earth's life, their peach bellini is perhaps one of the best I've had...ever.

And if you know anything about me, you know I've done some solid market research to produce this finding. Solid, prosecco related research.

I have to say for the quality of the food, which was utterly devine, the brunch menu is incredibly fairly priced. Whilst it may not be the cheapest place around Central London, you'd really struggle to find a better valued restaurant as the portion sizes are incredibly generous (dangerous for anyone with little self control I have to say..) and the food itself is stunning. The decor is sleek, the staff are lovely and the cocktails are so good that, wait, blink, and you've ordered three more (it just happens, it's not anyone's fault...). Overall, if you're looking for a brunch in London that's different from the rest... This place is definitely worth a try.

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